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Do you know the meaning of several common parameters of motorcycle?
Release date:2020.07.28

First is the displacement, displacement is directly linked to the engine of the whole vehicle, engine as the heart of the locomotive, is to treat the car must pay attention to the place. Displacement said a little more simple is the engine lung capacity, that is to say the greater the engine power is also stronger, the higher fuel consumption, finally lead to the price of nature is also more expensive.

The number of two strokes, the former motorcycles are mostly two strokes, but now motorcycles, no matter how big the displacement, are mostly four strokes. In fact, the only difference between the two is the number of cycles in the engine compartment. Two-stroke engines need two steps from ignition to power assistance, and four-stroke engines need four steps to complete the whole process. I'm sure you might have a better understanding of this explanation. The advantages of a four stroke equivalent to a two stroke are low fuel consumption and low pollution. So four-stroke engines are more popular than two-stroke engines. Also, the number of valves in each cylinder varies. At present, there are generally two valves, three valves and four valves. The more valves there are, the better the efficiency of intake and exhaust.


The third compression ratio, generally speaking, the higher the compression ratio, the greater the power of the engine, power or horsepower is the size of the output capacity of the engine, the greater the power indicates the stronger the engine.

In terms of torque, you can understand the size of the engine force, the greater the torque, the faster the motorcycle will start and accelerate. Of course, we do not need to pursue higher motion parameters, suitable for their own needs is the best.