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What motorcycle accessories should you take with you?
Release date:2020.08.10

Motorcycle travel has become a fashion, especially the long distance motorcycle travel is a trip for many riders, so what should be the necessary emergency motorcycle accessories in the long ride?

First of all, as long as the engine performance is stable, reasonable and normal maintenance in advance, the probability of powertrain problems is not large, even if the powertrain problems, ordinary gasoline does not have maintenance skills, so the engine spare parts can be completely abandoned, as long as the preparation of a spark plug can be.

Motorcycle travel long distances in the vehicles of other parts, easy to have a guy of the failure of the fracture, the tire is, chain loose or fall off, the tire will be more likely to be tied, so I need to prepare a inner tube and tire repair fluid, it needs to be accompanied by the simple maintenance tools and chain buckle, as for the guy to check before departure, as there is no need to onboard.


Above is the motorcycle long-distance riding need to carry some parts, a brief summary is the spark plug, tube, tire fluid, chain link, pump (or pump), simple maintenance tools, as long as the vehicle with these parts, you can deal with some minor faults occurred during the journey of the vehicle.