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Three of the most vulnerable parts of a motorcycle in winter
Release date:2020.08.10

The person has seasonal disease, motorbike also is such, especially cold season, everybody can need not motorbike commonly, wait until 10 days air temperature has warmed somewhat, can ride motorbike to go out again, but, your motorbike does not listen to you to act as you do commonly.

What season disease does winter motorcycle have after all? What could possibly go wrong? Here are some tips for you:

1. Battery;

Winter battery activity is poor, plus hard to start, a lot of car owners also do not know how to maintain the battery, play not to move also want to play, as a result, the battery is such a play loss of power. If the encounter cold do not ride, suddenly want to ride, but found that the battery has been depleted. So, if the battery more than 4 years, encounter cold loss of power, there are only two ways, a foot boot their own learning to start with the foot. So if you ride for a while, the battery will be charged, the engine will be hot, and the battery will still work. Two is only as early as possible to replace the battery. Of course, some cross-cycling with water batteries also timely replenishment of water winter.


2. Spark plug;

In winter, many users report that their motorcycles often break spark plugs, which is also a common disease of motorcycles in winter. In winter, gasoline atomization is not good, the spark plugs are easy to produce carbon deposition, and it is easy to be drowned by gasoline when starting. In addition to the winter commonly used choke, ride not far, also easy to produce carbon accumulation leading to spark plug failure.

3. Carburetor;

Carburetor failure is very obvious in winter, there are generally two cases, one is the throttle failure, mostly in the pedal car, pedal car carburetor is electric throttle, electric throttle failure is prone to start difficulties. The other is the carburetor various oil hole wear and aging, leading to the engine start difficult, idle speed instability, poor throttle response and other faults. At this point, it is usually necessary to replace the carburetor to solve the start-up difficulties. Here to remind the user, carburetor generally to use 5 years or more than 50 thousand kilometers before the possible aging, do not easily replace the carburetor, and carburetor to change also must change the original carburetor, some parts on the market, changed carburetor, also can not solve the fundamental problem.

Of course, there are many other reasons why cars have trouble starting in the winter, such as valve wear and bad oil, but it's not just in the winter. And above three kinds of accessories fault occurs more often in winter, so, if you encounter winter hard to start, their heart should also have spectrum, is more of these three reasons.