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How long can a 125 motorcycle last
Release date:2020.08.17

How long can a 125 motorcycle last? There is no standard answer to this question, but the lifespan of any vehicle has a lot to do with the rider's use, handling habits, and maintenance methods.

There was once a motorcycle enthusiast who ran his own repair shop and owned a 1974 Great Happiness motorcycle, which he was often seen riding down the street. The exact condition of the car is not apparent, but it looks like a new car, which may be due to the maintenance conditions of his nearby building. So the question is, how long does a 125 last in your mind?

Before answering this question, look first is a domestic car or imported car from Europe, America and Japan.

For example, 125 domestic cars, the engine life is about 120,000 kilometers, better maintenance, understand the car riders, can ride up to 150,000 kilometers, but still can ride, but the power has been completely exhausted, the frame slack, fuel consumption increased, so the country sets the domestic car service life for 12 years, there is a certain basis.

However, the quality of 125 motorcycles imported from Europe, America and Japan is much higher than that of domestic motorcycles. For example, Kawasaki, BMW, Apulia, etc., the driving distance of 250,000 kilometers is generally no problem, and the quality is very steel. China also implements the 12-year scrapping system, which is a little unreasonable.

When can domestic motorcycles catch up with or surpass the manufacturing level of Europe, America and Japan, China can lift the motorcycle ban and return the motorcycle to a blue sky. This is estimated to be the common expectation of many Moyo.

Moyo has always taken 125 as the synonym of motorcycle, many people have bought this kind of motorcycle displacement, because its displacement is small, less fuel consumption, so deeply loved by people. Model 125 accounts for more than half of the total motorcycle sales. However, for consumers, the most important thing to buy a motorcycle is to ride for a long time, so the cost will be reduced. Then how long will the 125 motorcycle last?


In theory, a 125 motorcycle has a maximum lifespan of 13 years, or 100,000 kilometers, and because it meets both criteria, it is off the road and forced to be scrapped. If from the technical level and performance, riding two or three hundred thousand kilometers is not a problem, and the age is long, there are many 125 motorcycles in today's life are 80s and 90s, their performance is also very good.

How long a motorcycle will last must be ruled out first, and then the quality of the vehicle. If the quality of the motorcycle is good, it can be basically uncapped, as long as you can buy parts, 125 motorcycle can be repaired, its repair is very strong, the effect after maintenance is also very good, unless you are tired one day riding, want to replace a new, or it can always accompany you.

If be a quality not reliable 125 model motorcycle, the likelihood can use 2 to arrive 3 years, perhaps be more than 70 thousand kilometers, but the technical progress of motorbike now is very fast, this kind of quality basically is very rare, had been eliminated by everybody gradually. Generally speaking, 125 motorcycle in the scrap period is generally not a problem, even if there is a problem, after repair can still continue to use.

Motorcycle can use how long, and is directly related to maintenance and use, if the quality is reliable, reliable and combined with regular maintenance, service life will be extended accordingly, if not his owner, and various properties of the car will fell, this is mainly maintain undeserved, bad habit of cycling, ranging from scrap car owners want to transfer.

In general, 125 motorcycle life and scrap, quality, maintenance are related, if there is no scrap period, and the quality of the car is also very good, coupled with good maintenance, life may be longer than you think, but there is still a scrap period, at most 13 years or 100 thousand kilometers.

Moyou backstage said: regardless of the import of Japanese cars, to domestic well-known manufacturers as an example, the general normal maintenance, riding a bike to ride a hundred and eighty thousand kilometers is no problem, the length of life and use has a lot to do with. If you take a motorcycle to travel to and from work, as short as three years, as long as five years. He do after sales for more than 10 years, have seen all walks of life to buy a car, run a motorcycle three years to run a hundred thousand kilometers or so, basically came to the overhaul period, sell the motorcycle is about the same, the car condition is good, the most important is the appearance of the motorcycle is still relatively new.