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Motorcycle parts Maintenance knowledge (1)
Release date:2020.09.02

1. The oil

The oil this thing, is the maintenance of the first, how to choose the right oil. You can refer to the following: multi-cylinder, high speed, must use imported semi-synthetic oil above, it is best to use fully synthetic imported oil. But do not add those coaxing so-called additives. The requirement of oil cooling car is higher than that of water cooling car. And some single cylinder large displacement vehicles, because the crankshaft is used for crankshaft bearing, the oil requirements are relatively low, you can use semi-synthetic, or SG class of oil.

Remember: motor oil is not magic oil. However, synthetic oil can be changed for a longer mileage, which is more economical. Pure synthetic general 3000-4000 km can be replaced, no waste, but also organic filter, if your car is a big trade goods, regularly change the same brand of oil, then the engine should be very clean, do not need to change too much oil filter, change twice change the oil filter once machine can be. If you used 7100 last time and want to use 300V next time, you should change the filter together (because there will be residual oil in the filter, do not mix oil of different brands and specifications).

2. Air filter

For a good car, an air filter is an athlete's lung. Therefore, it is necessary to use clean air filtration. The empty filter of import car is more expensive, a few hundred, some car friend hear so expensive, think, still do not change.

But this is not good, once the air filter is broken, dust, sand will all go through the carburetor [the same with the electronic injection] into the cylinder, wear ring and valve, if blocked, it will cause poor air intake, incomplete combustion, engine efficiency is low, insufficient power, increased fuel consumption. Increased fuel consumption may lead to black smoke at high speed. Over time, the valve accumulation of carbon, the durability of the car, the power will be reduced. Especially in northern cities with poor air quality, the empty filter must be cleaned every few months.


3. The tire

For tires, big engine don't buy cheap second-hand tires or ordinary tires made in China. Second-hand tires have been used for a period of time, or may have been placed for several years, resulting in the rubber aging problem is very serious, this kind of tires may look like the pattern is quite deep, but the performance of the grip has been very serious.

And those that are too shallow, or engraved tires are even less to consider. Now taobao so developed, also let a person in the family of lobbyists article yesterday say advertising taobao, I le a go, taobao this god web station don't small make up for the AD, please) best buy new tyres imported tyres, a more than one thousand pieces, and your car is better than a small percentage is money, but the tyres as the only option for motorcycle riding and ground contact, spent more money on the tire is very wise choice! The tire that homebred does export sale a few big factory is used to run street also ok.

Daily tire maintenance: clean to keep the tread clean, do not plug the stone in the pattern, the most important thing is, the tire can not do water wax or oil, because oil has affinity for rubber, will lead to tire cracking and deterioration, harm their own safety, because the motorcycle is pressure to achieve over the bend, the tire is the most important part of the car.

4. The fuel tank

Domestic gasoline impurities are a lot, if there is time, once a year to remove the fuel tank, remove the oil switch, and the bottom of the water, rust away, and put the fuel tank sai, reinstall. Good for the tank and good for the machine.

5. Carburetor

As above, impurities may accumulate in the carburetor over time. You can loosen the oil drain screw under the carburetor to allow impurities to flow away with the gasoline. If the carburetor oil must be timely maintenance and replacement, due to some car carburetor does not have good design, once the carburetor oil, gasoline can leak into the cylinder, if pushed, gas will leak into the cylinder, dilute the oil, if leakage of large amount of gasoline, you like to turn up again, so, your car is not far from hang is, this is why the basic carburetor common fault car call somebody else the cause of the garbage truck.

6. The battery

Normally ride, the battery does not need to deliberately maintain, but if the winter do not ride when remember to take the battery off, the vehicle power storage. Don't bother to take it off, at least make sure to hit a hot car once a week or two, let the circuit and oil circuit to run, of course, go out for a walk car is better.

Tip: Turn off the headlights before each ride. It is of great benefit to the battery.

7. The clutch

I can assure you that even a car with a 250 engine displacement will be able to meet the daily speed, you dare to twist the oil, as long as the gear is not red, the basic car is still normal use. But if you have a bad habit of half clutch, the car will wear out a lot. The record I have seen is that a man drove a 400CC clutch piece of a sports car completely in one afternoon. The splinters of the clutch piece have great mechanical wear, so it is necessary to pay attention to this bad habit. In my opinion, the half-pull clutch is handed down in the age of playing 2-punch, which is a driving method for playing 2-punch, but it is not suitable for high-power multi-cylinder cars.

8. Shock absorption

The front shock absorber is basically 1 year for a shock absorber oil, shock absorber oil can be used in cars, the effect is very good, a can of a liter on less than 100 yuan. Also, the current domestic oil seal quality is very good are very durable. If the rear shock is leaking, replace the oil seal when the core is not flowered, but once the core is flowered, only the assembly can be replaced.