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Motorcycle parts Maintenance Knowledge (2)
Release date:2020.09.02

9. The valve

That's strange. How do you maintain the valves? The answer is yes, the fuel additive sold at the gas station, a small bottle of red liquid, can be filled with 40 liters of gasoline. I have tried to add a CB400, plus the front airway is brown, using the carburetor after disassembly, the entire airway is silver-white. Bright as new. General 1 year routine maintenance can be. Sure, now you don't have to go to the gas station. Where? Taobao jingdong!

10. Spark plugs and ignition wires

If you ride a homemade pai dong, you will find that you have trouble starting after being caught in the rain. How can you improve it? If you have a budget, it is necessary to invest in a few retrofitted HIGH-voltage wires and a set of iridium spark plugs, including many of the guest officers' used water trucks. So electric leakage from high-voltage wires is common. How common?

Can you see if the high voltage cable has hardened? Is there a slight arc when the long high pressure touches the body of the car? If it is, then, this sometimes the excuse to spend money, if you have a big budget, a set of NGK, such as the import of high-voltage line that is not little, if you like the cost performance, then a set of domestic strong line is also sufficient. Add to that an iridium burner, and the car will be much better at starting, starting in wet conditions, and fuel economy. The throttle will also be more responsive.

11. Tooth disk chain

Xiaobian observed some roadside parked motorcycle, regardless of the size of displacement, some directly with rust, some with surface dust, so not ah! Generally speaking, the maintenance of oil drops, butter, but, just very primitive practice, because these oils will easily let the chain stained with dirt and dust, but exacerbate the wear, will spill the wheel frame are, very inelegant.

The correct method is: spray chain oil. There are two types of chain oils, one similar to normal oils, but more viscous. The other is like a white powdery substance that doesn't sputter. Of course, type 2 is the best. Chain oil needs only a thin spray, can maintain more than 1000 kilometers, calculate also very cheap, and the shelf life is very long, do not have to consider the storage problem. So your car's toothed chain can go years without worrying about it.


12. The brake skin

The brake covers must be replaced whenever more than two-thirds of them are used. The first problem is safety, because when the brake pad is 1 out of 3, the thermal energy of the brake will be transferred to the substrate of the brake pad, which will easily cause the friction material of the brake to fall off and lead to an accident.

The second, is the wear of the brake disc, you know, the brake disc is more expensive than the brake leather, in order to save the brake leather and the loss of the expensive brake disc, is definitely not worth the loss, and, if there is an opportunity, you can change the brake steel throat, will definitely improve the safety, and improve the brake feel. Steel throat is the most cost-effective brake modification.

Water 13.

Water-cooled car, the best use of genuine antifreeze, water is not easy to go wrong, 2 is in the cold region cylinder will not freeze crack. If the water in your car water tank is yellow, then it is necessary to step up the cleaning of the waterway, specifically, in the auto repair shop to buy a special wash water tank powder, add in the water tank, hot car after the release, so repeated cleaning, until clean, and then replace the factory antifreeze.

14. A car hood

It's best to have an underground garage and a private garage, or at least buy a car cover and cover the parking space. Not only does it keep the car clean, it's also great for the paint and body parts. It's available on Taobao.

15. Long-term storage

If you plan to store your car for a long time, keep the following in mind

1. Clean the motorcycle first, dry it in the air or in the sun, and wash the exposed sports parts (such as the chain), adjusting bolts and bearings, and then apply oil or butter to prevent rust.

2. Release the gasoline from the fuel tank and store it sealed in a container. Otherwise, the "light component" of gasoline will be reduced over a long period of time (volatilizing into the atmosphere), making it difficult or impossible to start a motorcycle. At the same time, the carburetor should also be put out of the gasoline, to prevent impurities in the gasoline carburetor blockage of the carburetor hole, oil duct and other components.

3, the battery will be removed from the car clean, before the vehicle stopped using, full power supply in a dry place, and once a month to replenish the power. But do not release the battery electrolyte, in order to prevent the plate exposed to the air caused by oxidation plate.

4, four stroke motorcycle should be in the exhaust pipe into a certain amount of oil. Remove the exhaust pipe from the car, add a small amount of oil from the front of the exhaust pipe, and install the exhaust pipe. Then start the engine to distribute the oil evenly on the inside of the exhaust pipe to prevent rust.

5, remove the spark plug, from the spark plug into the cylinder of 20mL motorcycle dedicated four stroke pure oil, install the spark plug, turn OFF the ignition lock switch (OFF position), step on the starting rod 5-6 times, so that the oil evenly distributed in the cylinder wall. If the motorcycle does not have foot start, you can take off the spark plug cap, turn ON the ignition lock switch (ON position), and press the start button for 2-3 seconds.

6, the front and rear tires to maintain the standard pressure, if the tire pressure is too low will prematurely tire and produce cracks.

7. Finally, park the motorcycle in a dry and ventilated place, and pay attention to moisture, so as not to rust. Motorcycle should not be parked in the open air for a long time, otherwise it will accelerate the appearance of the aging of the motorcycle, prematurely old.