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The year 2020 is half over, let's count the 5 most "low-key" motorcycles in my mind!
Release date:2020.09.09

Honda NC750X DCT ABS

2020 Honda NC750X DCT ABS is an absolutely neutral motorcycle, with a low profile and a blend of design styles that are acceptable to both men and women. Despite its less grandiose name, a near-perfect commuter motorcycle (on a budget, of course), the Honda NC750X has the combined power to satisfy almost any fantasy.

The 745CC dual-cylinder engine and dual clutch DCT gearbox make NC750X the most effortless and adventurous motorcycle to ride. The 5.8-gallon tank is big enough for a full helmet; Smooth and smooth, almost no vibration, coupled with good windproof performance of the front gear, for long-distance cycling is quite comfortable; The handlebar curves and ultra-comfortable ergonomic seats are ideal for high-speed cruising, while the traction control and driving mode make it easier to operate.

At an average speed of 90km/h, NC750X 100km fuel consumption is only 3.07, and 14.1L fuel tank capacity can provide a range of over 400km. It is currently sold in China for 108,800 yuan.

If you're looking for a motorcycle to commute, travel and ride on a budget, NC750X DCT ABS is definitely a different treat.

Suzuki V-Strom 1050XT


Suzuki unveiled its new V-Strom 1050 series at the milan Auto Show 2019. Its aggressive new look and powerful features mean it can more easily drive up and down on a variety of surfaces. In addition to the new rally style, updated electronics and upgraded engine performance are also part of the MY2020 suite. The V-Strom 1050 is the platform for the top XT models, but even the base models are equipped with upgraded electronics and brand new technology, making them attractive and competitive in the adventurous bike market.

The V-strom platform has been around for a while and has a lot of followers, but it can get lost in the crowd when it comes to using more advanced adventure gear in a niche market.

Far from being a novel or revolutionary platform, suzuki's V-strom is being led by more advanced machines, especially in the field of adventure. But the 2020 V-strom 1050XT shows that incremental updates can keep the model in good shape and attractive, even without huge improvements in electrical or engine performance.

It is true that the displacement increased in 2014, but since then it has mainly made some minor adjustments, such as updating the CAM profile and new pistons. The 2020 XT version is a bit more advanced, but its nature as a stable road rider and medium off-road capability is still encouraging enough. But interestingly, it's not the most powerful machine in the segment. For the past two decades, people have loved their V-Stroms, and for good reason: the V-strom platform has always provided a pleasant ride, comfortable ergonomics, and versatile functions.

Harley-davidson CVO Tri Glide

If your wallet is big enough, A CVO Tri Glide can offer many benefits, especially if you are feeling muscle fatigue on a standard two-wheeled motorcycle.

The Tri Glide is CVO's most popular model, according to Harley's officials. The set includes a 117CI Milwaukee-Eight engine, Tomahawk Contrast Cut cast aluminum wheels, full-car LED lighting, color-matching cowling guide, new windshield, decorated front fender, electric locking socket with internal lighting, heated seat cover, backlit handlebar controls and CB radio.

Other features include the Pahuna range of accessories, a heating configuration and muffler, a Tour-Pak carrier and ceiling light, and a custom suitcase.

The 2020 CVO Tri Glide will cost $48,999 and above. The price is not very "dazzling". In many ways, of course, "understatement" has become irrelevant. But It has to be said that CVO Tri Glide is a feature that pushes the definition of motorcycle manufacturing, stability, suitcase space and dynamic power belts to provide a smoother, more comfortable ride for anyone who wants to explore motorcycles. For those who can afford it, this is a great unconventional motorcycle.

Kawasaki Ninja 650 ABS

The Kawasaki Ninja650, known as a middleweight sports motorcycle, has been updated with a new, more family-friendly look following the release of the Ninja 250 / Ninja 400 series.

The Ninja 650 is a Sport-Touring design with a relatively comfortable sitting position. A Touring triangle that straddled between Sport and travel, the Ninja 650 is easy to use on a daily basis. Although it looks more like a sports bike, it is a standard arcade machine. It is a good choice for you who need versatility and fun.

The dual-cylinder water-cooled 649CC engine is equipped with a 6-speed transmission; The outside fairing is brand-new and updated, more modern; 41 mm diameter retractable front suspension; Nissin 2Pis double disc brake with front brake of 300mm; The rear brake is 220mm single disc, Nissin 1Pis brake pliers and front and rear brakes are equipped with ABS system.

New Bluetooth compatibility; TFT display; Although not the best in all aspects, the cycling performance on the road is very good. At $8,000, it's pretty friendly. Kawasaki has many accessories for long-distance travel, so it can be quickly converted to more powerful machines. Of course, if Kawasaki continues to improve and upgrade in the future, the Ninja 650 ABS will also be out of the "low-key" trajectory.

Honda Rebel 500 ABS

At this year's Milan motor show, Honda unveiled the 2020 Rebel 500. The look and configuration of the upgraded Rebel 500 silhouette have not changed much and the overall styling is still skewed towards BOBBER, but the new models add the Rebel 500's technical configuration and improve ride comfort.

First of all, the lights of the whole car will be upgraded to LED light source, and the headlights will be composed of 4 LED bulbs. While the circular LCD instrument is preserved, the function of blocking display is added to facilitate the novice to interpret the blocking. The newly designed front and rear separated seat cushions are wider and thicker, enhancing long-distance travel comfort.

The Powerrebel 500 USES the same 471mL eight-valve, water-cooled, two-cylinder engine from the Honda CB500/CBR500 series, but with a completely different tuning. The Rebel 500 is a cruise vehicle with a larger low twist, achieving a maximum torque of 43N·m and a maximum horsepower of 46PS (8500r/min) at 6000 RPM. A six-speed gearbox and a sliding clutch are added to make the shift easier.

Not only has Rebel long been a required entry for riders, the 500 can even provide a completely comfortable experience for experienced riders. It has considerable low torque, easy man-machine cruiser handling, extremely smooth control and an acceptable suspension. As a commuter and inner-city motorcycle, the Rebel 500 is actually more powerful than it seems.