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Accessories dealers aspirations: motorcycle maintenance of this technology can not "eat fast food"!
Release date:2020.09.09

Which line has its own difficulties, engaged in accessories sellers for a few years, the heart of the depressed is not spit unhappy! Here, I just want to say loudly to some repairman brothers: technical work must not only "eat fast food", sincere service is to retain customers "unique"!

As a car owner, no matter where after the maintenance of the motorcycle, a short period of time problems will go back to the original maintenance master, this is a normal psychology, understandable! This period of time I met a return set of cylinder incident, carry out to say.

There are no more than two kinds of problems with the cylinder.

The first is product quality. The cylinder work is not good, there are sand holes, if the inner wall of the cylinder has sand holes will appear burning oil, other places have sand holes will appear oil seepage, this product more appear in some small workshops small manufacturers of off-brand accessories, well-known brands will not appear such problems.


The second kind is the lubrication is not in place. When maintenance and assembly, or the owner of the use, did not change the oil in a timely manner, or is the use of inferior oil, the degree of lubrication is not up to, resulting in cylinder or cylinder.

In this case, most of the repair trade union to review their own problems, find the reason, but there are some repairmen in order to reduce their losses, will find sellers said "your parts quality no good, you have to find manufacturers, sellers because you make money selling sets of cylinder have a duty to bear, we use a year you so many sets of cylinder right", it is like this.

No matter whether it is a quality problem or not to push on this, no matter whether it is their own negligence or poor technical skills, but it is not admitted, this is the classic example.

You are my "God", I have the duty to be responsible for you, but my responsibility is not unlimited! The owner is your "God", you should also be responsible for them, but should not indiscriminately shift the responsibility to the dealer!

An set of cylinder repair the teacher give I return is to use on the tricycle, pictured above, as can be seen from the set of cylinder wear condition, this is clearly missing after the engine oil lubrication caused by the damage caused by heat cylinder, look, the piston pin have been ablation discolored and overheating after expansion and the inner wall of the cylinder piston surface sticks burning of several trace is also very obvious!

The master said that yamaha oil was filled after the cylinder was installed. The local oil market was very chaotic, and there were many fake and inferior oils. A bottle of oil was only a few yuan to a dozen yuan. How much lubrication does it do? How long does it last? It is because this car used fake and inferior oil, it leads to the loss of lubricity in the running of the motorcycle, the hard friction between the mechanical parts, it leads to the cylinder damage, which has nothing to do with the quality problem, is the diamond material of things hard friction can not stand!

In the process of delivery, I see some masters like to "eat fast food", change a set of cylinder, the old pieces do not clean, directly on, oil also reluctant to use good, which is cheap to use which. This as long as the speed do not technology, the limit of compression costs do not distinguish the true and false approach, although temporarily made money, but hurt the owner, hurt the trust, hurt the business, hurt the market! In the long run, it's not worth the candle!

My agent business "MSC logo parts", from my repairman in 2003 began to use this brand, then the brand has just started, is because I grow up along with the growth of the product brand, I trust in his quality, it gradually developed into the agent of the brand, specializing in the brand of motorcycle accessories. Because I have used it, I know its quality, so I have the confidence to promote it to the repairman friend.

MSC label parts cylinder economical and affordable, reliable quality, all by Ningbo and other large factories OEM. For so many years, it has been widely recognized by the market. Since the people who create the brand are all from the "National Motorcycle maintenance technology Club", they started from the technology, so the technical treatment of the product is also in place. For example, the cylinder body USES large wave heat sink, not only the product identification is high, and heat dissipation, shockproof effect is good! The inner piston adopts the design of oil groove attached to the back, which can strengthen the lubrication performance and greatly extend the service life. There are also some other technologies such as noise reduction and tin plating technology, etc. Its quality level has always been in the forefront of the industry.