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Motorcycle burns itself on fire
Release date:2020.09.09

It is not uncommon for motorbikes to catch fire

How can we prevent it?

In fact, the main reason for spontaneous combustion of motorcycles is

Electrical connector, wire jump fire with iron

High temperature produced

Flammable paint and spilled gasoline were set alight

Or other inflammable goods


So, leakage of electricity or iron jump fire is the key

Reducing fuel leaks is also important

(Network diagram)

In daily life

Wash your motorcycle regularly

Commonly used electricity meters to check electrical appliances, switches, wires

Is there any leakage of electricity

Inspection of leakage of gasoline (including gasoline vapor) is strengthened

Promptly eliminate "leakage of electricity", "oil", "leakage of gas" and other faults

Replace defective parts

Ensure the safety of motorcycle circuits and fuel lines

In addition, motorbikes should be avoided

Park in a small room or corridor that is airtight and not ventilated

It should be kept in a cool and ventilated environment

Away from the "fire" and "burning environment"

The possibility of spontaneous combustion of the motorcycle will be greatly reduced