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Maintenance of motorcycle parts
Release date:2020.09.09

1, spark plug maintenance spark plug is a key component of motorcycle engine. The proper combustion of the mixture is the key to the proper operation of the engine. First of all, the type of spark plug used by each engine is different, mainly the heat value, thread size, etc., so be sure to use the specified type of spark plug (specific can refer to the operating instructions). Normal engine combustion, screw off the spark plug observation, the normal electrode should be red ochre, if black, that is, there is carbon accumulation, indicating that the mixture is too thick, combustion is not sufficient, should clean up carbon accumulation. Clean the carbon deposition of the central electrode groove and L pole with a sharp cone; Adjust the spark plug clearance: GS125 (0.6-0.9mm), QS150T (0.7-0.8mm), the carbon accumulation on the spark plug will prevent good spark, and may lead to broken fire; If spark plugs are found to be prone to damp or gray burning, indicating that the spark plugs heat value does not match, you should go to the designated repair shop of Suzuki Light to replace the appropriate spark plugs. (Usually a new spark plug can be prepared for use). Note: 1) Determine thread size and plug rod length. If the plug rod is too short, it will accumulate carbon in the thread of the plug hole and damage the engine. 2) Before applying the spark plug wrench, carefully screw the spark plug into the thread part of the cylinder head by hand to prevent damage. 3) Use the special onboard tool spark plug sleeve to tighten the spark plug to the specified tightening torque.

2. Maintenance of Air filter Air filter is the respiratory system of motorcycle. If the air filter is blocked by dust, the intake resistance will become larger, will make the engine output power decline, increase fuel consumption, can make the engine more difficult to start, easy to shut off, is serious dust into the cylinder block, will exacerbate the wear of engine parts. Clean the air filter by following steps: 1) Remove the air filter element from the vehicle; 2) If the filter element is sponge foam, use neutral washing liquid to wash it carefully. Do not twist it forcefully. After cleaning, drop 2-3 drops of oil (to absorb very small dust in the air). If it is a paper filter element, do not clean it with liquid, but knock the internal dust with force, if possible, blow it with compressed gas in the opposite direction according to the intake (do not reverse, otherwise the dust will be blown into the paper core pores will be more serious obstruction); Example: The QS150T paper core is blown outwards from the inside, and the storm prince is blown outwards from the outside ring to the central hole. 3) Pay attention to the installation direction and intake direction when installing the filter element; 4) When driving in a dusty and dirty environment, increase the cleaning frequency and replace the new product immediately if the sponge is broken or the paper filter element is soaked, otherwise the engine will be damaged or black smoke will be generated.

3, the maintenance of the oil filter most users know should be on time to change the oil, but to master a principle: new car in the run-in period (0-1200km), only at the end of the run-in period that is 1200 km when the oil change, not in 300, 500, or 800 km when the replacement. Because valuable running-in agent is added in the factory when the engine leaves the factory, replacing it too early will cause unnecessary waste. After the run-in period, the oil will be changed every 2000-3000 km, which can be controlled by the user. However, the new oil is replaced, and the filter element cannot be replaced. During the lubrication of the engine, the oil is extracted from the bottom tank by the engine oil pump. The oil filter is first pressed into the oil filter, and the clean oil is then transported to the cylinder head, crankshaft and transmission parts. If the filter element is too dirty, the filter effect of the oil is poor, the output of the oil is reduced, each part can not get good lubrication, will cause excessive wear, so only to change the oil is not enough, you must also change the oil filter element. Note: There is a small O-ring in the filter element. Make sure to install it with one end of the hole facing in. The filter element is covered with large O-ring and compression spring. Tighten after confirmation.

4. Oil replacement motorcycle oil has lubrication, cooling, sealing, cleaning, rust, and other functions, it is equivalent to the engine's blood, the role is very important. Engine oil or poor quality oil, will soon cause internal parts burn, greatly reducing the engine's life. Therefore, maintaining the right amount of oil is critical to the use of pure oil.

Always check the oil level of the oil. Straighten the motorcycle on the level, oil ruler measure the amount of oil, do not twist the ruler when measuring, if the oil level is lower than the lower limit of the ruler, should be filled with the recommended use of oil, fill up to the upper limit.

The amount of oil injected varies with the type of machine, and the ruler shall prevail. The more oil you add, the better. It must be between the upper and lower limits of the ruler.

After filling the oil, start the engine and run it at idle for 10 minutes. Then turn off the engine and keep the car upright. At this point, the oil should reach between the upper and lower limits of the oil gauge without any leakage.