market dynamics
If you want to make the motorcycle more powerful in cycling, you need to improve on these!
Release date:2020.09.15

1. Increase the air intake (the easiest way to save energy and money is to replace the high flow air filter or directly modify the mushroom head)

After refitting the mushroom head can make the volume increased obviously, but modified maybe your car would go not up, and so on, this is because the increasing inlet caused by the mixture is thinning, after should do appropriate adjustments according to the carburetor in perfect condition, can fine-tune the mixture screw, adjust the low speed mixture ratio, and adjustment of oil needle high-speed mixture ratio, make the mixture concentration is normal, can observe the spark plug the burning of colour to contrast adjustment.

2. Refit ignition

General car ignition control Angle is small, the obvious problems is the high speed vibration easily, shivering, modified large igniter better point of view, and to be nice with spark plugs, it is recommended to use NGK iridium, because iridium can do ignition needle is more thin, so sparks will be stronger, of course, also can achieve the purpose of more fuel-efficient, effect also didn't have to say, of course, good spark plug can make the combustion more sufficient, motivation, of course, also will increase at the same time, conditional word can be modified at the same time good quality point resistance small high pressure cap and points of fire.

3. Exhaust modification

After increasing the intake, the exhaust should also be modified properly, so as to make the exhaust discharge smoothly, but not to form a bottle strength.

4. Refit the large-caliber carburetor

A large carburetor could be modified, but something else would have to be replaced, which would be more expensive. For example, the carburetor of 28 or 30, the price is about 300 yuan, but the effect is very good, the speedup is much more obvious. The carburetor interface to be used with it needs to be used well. A cheap one is not to be flattered.


5. Modified sprocket

The simple way is to change the engine small sprocket a little bit bigger, in general, add one to two teeth can, this will reduce your low speed vibration, and then the engine power play normal, speed will improve, of course, climbing ability will be reduced. If the small sprocket vibration reduction is not obvious, you can use the method of replacing the back tooth disk to try, under normal circumstances to replace the back tooth disk smaller than the original six teeth effect will be significantly better.

6. Pack light

Keep the odds and ends of your car to a minimum, which will reduce vibration and increase speed accordingly. If it is not necessary to fill up the tank when refueling long distance, if you fill up your car every day with a full tank of gas around, the corresponding fuel consumption will increase, the speed will also be reduced, hehe.

7. Tire pressure

Maintain normal tire pressure, summer time do not be too big, too bumpy, butt uncomfortable, also easy to puncture, of course, do not be too small, too small friction force is too large, the engine can be difficult.

8, expanding cylinder

If you have the conditions and can change the premise, increase the cylinder will also increase the power, such as 125 to 150 cylinder and so on

Like some cars before the tire is relatively thick, such as prince car, can be used to a little bit more fine, will reduce the friction when driving, will also make the acceleration more obvious, speed up.

9. A good chain

Ensure the engine normal power to drive the rear wheel is an important factor! Chain friction is too serious, insufficient lubrication, before and after the sprocket is not in a straight line so that the engine power can not play normally, you can choose a better work of the thick chain.