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Incorrect operation regarding maintenance of motorcycle
Release date:2020.09.15

Washing your car in the hot sun will damage your car's paint

Many car owners like to wash their cars in the hot sun, thinking that they will soon be able to dry their cars. It is actually wrong, in the hot sun wash the car, the convex lens effect formed by water droplets will make the car paint the top layer of local high temperature phenomenon, a long time, the car paint will lose its luster.

If wax is done at this point, it is also easy to cause uneven body color and luster. So, the car wash wax is best in covered conditions, if not guaranteed, it is best to choose in cloudy days or sunny morning, evening.

There's too much oil something wrong

When the oil in the engine oil sump is insufficient, the friction between the bearing and the journal will cause poor lubrication due to the small amount of oil, aggravating the degree of wear, and even cause tile burning accident.

However, if the oil is too much, the engine in the work of the crankshaft, connecting rod large end will produce a violent agitation, not only increase the engine internal power loss, but also will make more oil splashed on the cylinder wall, resulting in burning exhaust oil fault. Therefore, the oil in the engine oil sump should be controlled between the upper and lower cut lines of the oil ruler.


Bolt too tight - permanent deformation

There are many fasteners connected by bolts and nuts on motor vehicles, which should be guaranteed to have sufficient pre-tightening force, but not too tight.

If the screw is too tight, on the one hand will make the joint under the action of external forces produce permanent deformation; On the other hand, the bolt will be stretched and deformed permanently, and the preloading force will decrease, or even cause the sliding buckle or breaking phenomenon.

The new battery is not charged -- it shortens its life

The first charge of the battery is called the first charge, the first charge has a great impact on the service life of the battery. If not charged, that is, add "water" direct use, battery capacity is not high, life will be shortened; If charged directly, it will also shorten its life.

Usually the first charge of the battery is after filling the electrolyte, charging with a small current for about 1 hour can be installed and used.

Add equipment on the car at will - affect driving safety

The owner of the pursuit of comfort and luxury is not wrong, but some owners themselves in the car to install a variety of equipment, such as modification of some audio, other electronic equipment, if not properly handled, on the performance of the car and the ease of operation and reliability often bring adverse effects, easy to leave a hangover or impact on driving safety.

Cooling water too cold -- wear out the engine

In summer, the weather is hot. In order to prevent the temperature of water-cooled engine from too high, the cooling water temperature should be as low as possible. It is wrong for some drivers to modify the cooling system of their engines to be extremely cold for the purpose of cooling.

Water-cooled engine is afraid of both heat and cold. If the cooling water temperature is too low, it will worsen fuel combustion, increase fuel consumption, exacerbate wear and tear, increase oil viscosity, and reduce engine power.

The test shows that when the cooling water temperature of the motor vehicle is 40-50 ℃, the engine wear increases by 60%-80%, the power decreases by 25%, and the fuel consumption increases by 8%-10%. Therefore, the engine cooling water temperature is not the lower the better.

Long - term use or short - distance use - damage to machinery

Some people at ordinary times "not willing to" drive their own car, like some of the more expensive cars, generally only when the holiday just drive out to play, in fact, such a way of car is very hurt the car.

The surface of the transmission machine such as the engine and gearbox will rust because it is often in direct contact with the air, and the battery will affect the service life because of the long-term natural discharge.

The best way is to run for 30 to 40 minutes every few days. In addition, for some motorcycles running for a long distance or on a specific road, if they are always short distance vehicles will also hurt the car, the car is moving at any time but not far away, is an important reason for the injury of the car