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How do you start an e-jet motorcycle if the battery is dead?
Release date:2020.09.15

During the use of electric jet motorcycle, there will inevitably be a loss of electricity or no electricity phenomenon, when the voltage of the battery is not enough to start the electric jet motorcycle, so how should the electric jet motorcycle start? Today we share a few practical tips.

Before sharing the method, I would like to briefly introduce the main role of the motorcycle battery. The battery is an auxiliary power source for the vehicle. Its use process is a process of charging and discharging, and its main role is to help the vehicle start and store current. Since it's a charging and discharging process what is it that's going to charge it again? The main power supply on the motorcycle is the generator, which generates current through the rotation of the engine and charges the battery through the rectifying voltage regulator. The battery will store the current from the engine for a rainy day.

From the above introduction, it can be seen that the motorcycle's power supply consists of a generator and a battery, so in the state of battery lack of power, the engine can start normally, and the way it starts is what we will share today.


Efi vehicles for technology upgrades the original start lever to omit, so in the case of no electricity will need to look for other methods of motor vehicles, so as long as the battery has a trace of voltage efi vehicles, after fulfilling the self-check can start through the booster, and jump-start is skilled, usually a motorcycle holding the clutch handle hang in advance into the three block, driving motorcycle when the speed reaches 10 km/h can continue to push the clutch handle, at this time because of the rear wheel driving force of the engine can be started.

See here some car friends will ask if this method is feasible in the electric jet motorcycle completely without electricity situation? Theory is feasible as long as the engine turning magneto, creates an electric current, and this time the vehicle has the ignition conditions can start, but the problem is that this time the speed of the cart must be quick, or weak current generator is enough to make the fuel pump and other electrical equipment, so the trick here is very important, if the condition permits will find a downhill is relatively easy, so in the case of battery no electricity as long as the engine speed generator to produce enough current ascension, also can start the efi motorcycles, but that the harm of vehicles is very large so must be careful operation.

So in addition to the above laborious operation is there a way to save time and effort? In fact, there are ways to help the vehicle start with external power supply, also known as the so-called "borrow power" as long as find a 12V battery and connect it to the battery of the motorcycle, the vehicle can start. It is worth noting here is "borrow electricity" when the battery positive and negative electrode absolutely can not be connected to the opposite, positive pole connected to the positive pole, negative pole connected to the negative, do not have to worry about this will hurt the battery, in the original car battery voltage under the premise of insufficient, this approach to the electrical equipment of the vehicle will not have any harm, so you can be at ease to operate.