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Motorcycles can actually be very safe!!!
Release date:2020.09.23

How on earth is it safe to drive a motorcycle?

Wear a helmet

Wearing a helmet is as necessary as wearing underwear. You can ride without a fall-proof suit, but you must wear a helmet.

Put on the gloves

You don't know what a wonderful accessory gloves are until you've crashed your car.

Wearing gloves isn't meant to keep you warm from the wind, it's meant to protect you from injury if you fall and hit the ground, even though wearing gloves can create an involuntary and inconvenient feeling of estrangement. Unless you've practiced light, you've got a knack for rolling in the air.

Look in the rearview mirror

Not all motorcycle hazards come from the front, the rearview mirror is important

It is not uncommon for motorcyclists to be overturned after being rear-ended by large trucks. Must pay attention to the presence of the rearview mirror, its use frequency and use method is the same as the car, more to pay attention to is, when the red light to stop from the rear view mirror to take a glance, timely adjust their distance with the car behind, a lot of car drivers are suffering from "motorcycle blindness", a careless will kiss you.


Learn to brake

Street brakes are not as simple as pressing the front and rear brakes

You know for yourself how difficult it is to grind to a halt in an emergency when a heavy car is speeding up. Therefore, the brake should be listed as a separate skill, to find a field to focus on training, in preparation for the brake, must first keep the car upright, the direction of vertical forward.

Learn self-check

Make sure these areas are in good condition before going on the street. Check the following:

After the release of the throttle rotation, should be able to smooth back to the original position;

The brake lever should be stable and not wobble;

The clutch lever shall operate smoothly; The shift should be clear;

The shock absorber system should be actuated, not just spring function.

What is a normal state? It is your car's indicators to reach more than 90% of the 4S store's new car indicators, or do not understand the words bother to go to the store to feel the experience for a comparison. Buying maintenance tools online is essential to make sure your bike is in top condition before you hit the road.

Flash when overtaking

Even though you're on a congested street, you can still drill your way through the car, leaving the rest of the crowd admiring you. But you have to be careful to flash frequently when you are drilling, to let them know that you are overtaking. Because of the small size of the motorcycle, it really looks like ants in front of big trucks and cars, and the horn is not very loud, so it is important to flash your lights frequently to make them notice you.

Some people say that the motorcycle is the only faith, since the day you bend down to step on it, you give it the right to hurt you. Motorcycle is a close friend, is a brother, even if the injury will also go back to love. But the street is not a racetrack, take your wild heart, minimize the damage, protect yourself, protect your brother.