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Main types and functions of motorcycle helmets
Release date:2020.09.23

1, the full face

A helmet is a helmet that covers your head. It is the best helmet of all helmets to protect your head. And the effect of anti-cold, anti-noise is also the best. However, the disadvantage of full helmets is that compared with other helmets, the Angle of view is not wide. Some full helmets are very heavy, and the pressure on the head is also heavy, which will lead to the fatigue of the face and neck if used for a long time.

2. Tension helmet

Tension helmet is a kind of helmet between full helmet and cross - country helmet. The long chin design and longer upper guard helps to limit direct impact on the front. This type of helmet is vulnerable to noise and wind, so it is not suitable to wear when riding sports cars, only for long-distance ADV models or off-road models.


3. Cross-country helmet

This helmet is equivalent to a tension helmet without a windshield and functions like a tension helmet.

4. Helmet off

The helmet is the equivalent of a full helmet that can be opened. The biggest difference is that the face can be lifted from the chin, which makes it easier to wear, and you can eat and drink with the helmet off. Some can even take the chin apart at will, turning it into a 3/4 helmet. The disadvantage is that it has both advantages and disadvantages. Due to the detachable position of the chin, the fixed structure between the chin and jaw locking pin is not as strong as the full helmet. If there is a problem, the user's chin will not be protected safely.

5. Retro helmet

The 3/4 helmet, which has no goggles, is commonly worn by users of vintage motorcycles and cruisers, and is more popular because sunglasses are more stylish and easy to wear with a wide view. The disadvantage is that in the event of an accident, the facial area is not effectively protected.

6 and half helmet

The advantages of the helmet are compact design, low production cost, and small size easier to store. The disadvantage is that the safety factor is low, the more common use of the environment is in the small pedal and electric vehicles, such as the crowd.