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What are the motorcycle tires? How should they be selected and used
Release date:2020.09.23

Are many motorcycle tires, name is different also, but from the using effect can be divided into hot melt, half hot melt, conventional tire, this is the biggest difference between a few kinds tire grip, because of the tire material composition structure difference, hot melt tyre grip is the best, but it does not wear, it is easy to be wear and tear, so this kind of tyre will be applied in some professional event model, and compared with the hot melt tires half hot melt both grip at the same time will also have a certain resistance to wear, so this kind of tyre is normally assembled on some fun with models.

Conventional tyres we it can be divided into vacuum tire and the common tire, the difference between the two main is the presence of inner tube, because the vacuum tire without inner tube, so its explosion-proof performance is relatively good, but this kind of tyre repair will have trouble, cost and relatively high some, of course this is only for common tyres, hot melt in the above these tires tire is the most expensive, so regular tire will be relatively economic and practical, and it is why many access car will adopt this kind of tyre, and ordinary tires can only see on some low-end models, late may be eliminated slowly.

Tires according to the pattern and the purposes of the surface can also be divided into road, off-road tires, all terrain, of course the class the name of the tire will have differences, for example, we will also call them slicks, pineapple, turtle tyres and so on, but no matter how we call, in fact, in the final analysis the differences between them there will be difference is with the pattern of different USES.

Road tires, as the name suggests, is more suitable for the use of the pavement, its surface pattern will be relatively small, and even there will only be a sink, will not have a larger pattern.

Off-road tires belong to a kind of special tires, the characteristics of this kind of tires is the pattern is larger, will be more suitable for the use of non-pavement road surface, it is such characteristics will be mainly applied in some pull cars or off-road vehicles.

All-terrain tires can be said to be a more versatile tire, can be used on the road, but also has a certain performance of off-road tires, and its characteristics is that the tire surface pattern will be more obvious, but not like off-road tires so "tall and fierce", because of the different pattern layout, also known as pineapple tires or turtle back tires.


In addition to the above a few kinds of tires, and those called antiskid tire on the market, this kind of tyre is specially designed for pathways in the car, it has no unique on materials, big cross-country tire pattern is only for reference, takes advantage of the characteristics of the large decorative pattern to improve the tyres grip, also to prevent slippery effect.

Motorcycle tires in addition to the form and pattern structure, material difference there will be a basic dimensions, we compare the common 110/90-18, for example, usually refers to tread width 110, 90 is the tire flat than meaning, we can also understand it simply as the width of the wall, the final 18 refers to the diameter of the tyre, different types of tires, the buffer, it reflected grip, weight is not the same performance.

Normally tread more wide grip better, than the flat tire buffer will be better, and the size of the tire diameter will decide through performance of vehicle directly, so we usually updates the tyres, can't change the diameter of the tire, but can be adjusted and flat tire tread width ratio, to achieve the goal of performance and comfort grip.

After making clear the classification and difference of tires, let's look at how we should choose tires in the later use. If it is a pure play ride, semi-hot melt tires or hot melt tires are the best choice. Although their price is relatively expensive, the control experience brought by grip will more easily meet the needs of play.

If it is the access of the conventional models, generally do not recommend the use of high cost half hot melt tire or hot melt, and can be used according to the scene to select the tire pattern, such as often can choose to ride on the city roads, it is not necessary to choose all-terrain or off-road tires, and if you use the scene more diversity, can consider all terrain tires, adaptability because it will be better, of course not shop off-road tires on the road is long also can be directly, so the choice of the tire must be combined with the current demand for the use of vehicles, only in this way will play to maximize its performance.