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Do you know how to repair motorcycles?
Release date:2020.09.23

1. Remove rust from oil tank skillfully

Rust in the gasoline tank of motorcycle is often encountered, if not cleaned in a timely manner may clog the fuel road, but cleaning up is very troublesome. Find a bent stick about 30 centimeters long and stick a magnet at one end into the bottom of the tank. Remove the rust from the magnet. This repetition will clear away the rust.

2. Wash carburetor of motorcycle skillfully

In the use of motorcycle carburetor, the bottom of the carburetor is often deposited sediment and water, affecting the normal running of the vehicle. Here introduces a kind of don't dismantle the carburetor can clean the tip: oil switch off first, use a screwdriver to loosen carburetor oil drain at the bottom of the screw, the fuel within the carburetor after all light, then open the oil switch, after being have oil flow out, to throttle the root row outside wall tube kept blowing (or use the pump). At this point, sand and water can be seen from the bottom of the carburetor pipe jet out. After repeated several times, the carburetor float can be cleaned of sediment and water. Then tighten the bottom screw, the motorcycle can be used normally.


3, electroplating parts derusting

The electroplating parts on the motorcycle will have different degrees of rust due to wear or erosion by rain, serious rust, not only affect the appearance and damage parts. A non - corrosive coating can be removed by derusting. Firstly, put ammonium acetate into equal amount of clear water, and warm to about 70℃ after it is fully dissolved. Then, dip in soft cloth with sufficient solution to scrub the corroded part, until the rust spots disappear, and then wipe off the residual solution with dry cloth, the electroplating part will be as bright as before.

4. Refurbishment of the chain

Many people switch chains when they are badly worn, but the chain is only worn in one direction. A chain can be used in all four directions, as long as the chain bolt is opened, the chain is turned back and reinstalled, just as good as a new chain. When both sides of the inner ring wear out, the chain can be disassembled and turned to turn the inner ring into the outer ring, so that two new faces can continue to be used. When all four sides of the chain are completely worn out, it is not too late to replace them.

5. Self-made protective cover rubber pad

In many straddle motorcycles, the side cover is fixed by inserting the arrowhead mounted column inside the cover into the rubber pad on the body mounting hole. But because cover often need to remove, it is easy to rubber pad cracking or missing, and this kind of small parts and is not easy to form a complete set, a simple introduction is as follows: to find a transfusion bottle of rubber stopper, according to the size of the installation of the column, with tax organ such as a screwdriver at the center of the rubber plug to drill a hole, and appropriate to remove some rubber, enables the installation of column to insert. Then insert the small end of the rubber plug into the mounting hole on the car body (if the hole is small, cut a slit along the longitudinal direction of the small end of the rubber), and then install the protective cover. Because the material of infusion stopper is good, elasticity is big, strength is high, very durable.