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5 types of modified motorcycle accessories carefully buy!
Release date:2020.09.28

Cup holder that does not jam water

Usually looks very convenient, can hold all kinds of mineral water and tea cup and so on, this kind of thing is to sell the concept, bought 99.9% can't stick, also easy to deformation, a water cup hanging above is, especially bought inferior bracket, did not jam the water cup, water cup dropped, too pity.

Low to bursting helmet net and helmet lock

Does the helmet mesh look more practical? No. A good helmet covered with a gaudy net, nothing, and float paint. Some motorcycle helmet is more high-end, net on the car is easy to lose ah, like the helmet this valuables, please take it at any time, there is no theft and rescue helmet. There's no need to buy a helmet lock for an inexpensive helmet. If you scratch or rub yourself in a lock, it's not worth it.


No wool throttle clip

Throttle clip as motorized brigade artifact/energy artifact, but it really isn't so, small make up a friend saw not be persuaded, not to buy this stuff, bought nothing two back to throw, the general motorized brigade veteran would have without this thing, this is just fool a novice, the mainest is there safe hidden trouble, if you encounter an emergency while driving, and need your immediate throttle, knead brake before and after, this time with the throttle clip will let you operation is not flexible.

Poor quality CNC handle glue and loose reinforcing rod

In order to increase hand feel, a lot of new into the motorcycle small make up to love the car to add hand handle glue, but you also want to use a little better ah, inferior hand handle glue is not only no better than the original factory hand handle glue good. This kind of inferior CNC handle glue not only affects the hand feeling, but also affects the safety, so the right way is to try to buy the original factory parts, choose a little higher quality, or brand change, or it is a pure waste of money. There are also reinforcing rods. The real reinforcing rods are used by people's OFF-road vehicles, which are not required by ordinary streetcars. This kind of things to buy back, not only no effect, to the later period also all kinds of loose.

A hernia lamp that blinks in the face of rain and fog

Some car friends think that the high color temperature xenon lamp can improve the line of sight safety, under the advocacy of the business to choose high color temperature, such as the 6300K of white light lamp, do not look at the business propaganda that shoot far and bright, in fact, in good weather, the night is bright, it is indeed shot far and bright. But a rain together with fog is not so, a light up a vast expanse of whiteness, and to change the line, there will be problems, such as burning lamp tiles, electric power loss, etc.