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Motorcycle parts cleaning method
Release date:2020.09.28

1, electroplating parts derusting

Motorcycle, bicycle electroplating parts (chrome-plated or galvanized), if due to wear and erosion by water vapor, will be different degrees of rust, serious rust, with the general method is difficult to remove it, both affect the appearance and damage parts. The following describes a non - corrosive coating and good effect of derusting method.

Firstly, put ammonium acetate into equal amount of clear water, and then warm it to about 70cc after full dissolution. Use soft cloth dipped in sufficient solution to scrub the rusty part until the rust spots disappear; Then used for cloth wipe residual solution, electroplating pieces will be as bright as the first. Small parts can also be soaked in a solution for a while and then dried to achieve the same effect. Finally, wipe with a dry cloth and a little oil.

After the above treatment, electroplating parts can not only restore the original luster, but also remain unchanged for a long time. This method can also be used to remove rust spots, but the plating surface will not have the unique luster. Ammonium acetate is a white powdery crystal and is available in chemical stores.

2. Get rid of old decals

In motorcycle reconditioning, some body decals often become old and hairy, but you can hardly take them off. There is a way here, is to use the decals blister 301min or so time, make it wet, and then use the drawing with the rubber dipped in a little washing powder solution, rub on the decals, after a while, decals and some dirty was rubbed into a strip fell down. Then rinse the surface of the car with water.

3. Oil drum sealing method

At present, most motorcycle users are using plastic drums for gasoline, the price of plastic drums is moderate, but also more convenient. But the lid of the barrel is often lax and the gasoline is volatile, causing both waste and insecurity. My solution to this problem is to cover the mouth of the barrel with a plastic bag before covering the lid, and then tighten the lid. In order to check whether the seal is good, you can squeeze the plastic drum by hand. If there is no sound of air leakage, the lid of the drum is sealed.

4. Cleaning non-metallic parts

In the maintenance of motorcycles, often encounter some non-metallic parts need to be cleaned. These parts cannot be cleaned with kerosene, diesel, gasoline or metal cleaning agents used to clean metal parts, otherwise they will deteriorate and fail. The cleaning method should be determined according to the material of the parts.

(1) Parts made of rubber shall be cleaned with alcohol.

(2) Parts made of foam plastics shall be cleaned with washing powder or soapy water.

(3) Leather parts should not be washed with any cleaning solution, wipe with cloth.

(4) Paper parts shall not be cleaned with water, and shall be brushed or cleaned in kerosene or diesel oil.

(5) Clutch friction plate, brake shoe friction plate can not be cleaned with kerosene, diesel oil, alkali solution, using gasoline scrub.


Second, vehicle maintenance is very critical

1: The best 1 to 2 weeks to wipe the body, you can use motorcycle, car plating special protective agent. Pay attention to wipe the dirt off with a soft cloth every time; Wash dirt with clean water after driving in rainy or dusty weather; Wipe with soft cloth again next, undertake maintaining with protecting agent finally.

2: for the exhaust pipe, fender, wheel ring such electroplating with dirt, must not use steel wire brush, because steel wire brush brush wire will scratch the surface of the coating. Apply water to soak the dirt loose and then wipe it according to the above method. If it is too loose, use wood bar to gently remove the dirt.

3: Should prevent contact with salt, hydrochloric acid, bittern and other substances, because the coating is easily soluble in the above substances. Avoid contact with 84 disinfectant, bleach, toilet flushes and other substances. Especially in detergents, 84 disinfectants must be avoided.

4: Vehicles should not be stored in places where gas, briquette stove and soot are used. This is because carbon monoxide (CO) causes the coating to rust by producing a gray-black network of cracks.

5: Avoid to be placed in the door of the hotel kitchen or at the air outlet of the range hood. The falling lampblack causes great damage to the electroplating part, and it is very difficult to remove.

6: When riding, try to avoid sharp objects such as belt buckles to scratch the electroplating parts such as oil tank.

7: If there is a slight scratch, you can use motorcycle electroplating repair agent for repair, can not use the car with coarse wax and other repair agents.

8: gasoline and other corrosive liquid drops in the surface of the coating, with silk cotton or pure cotton dip dry. If there is too much dust, do not wipe it dry.