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Motorcycle Accessories - Engine and accessories
Release date:2020.09.28

Motorcycle engine accessories include: assembly crankcase cylinder piston ring crankshaft valve camshaft fuel tank filter cleaner fuel pump oil pump carburetor electric injection and exhaust water tank fan other.

Important components of motorcycle engines include:

1. Piston: The commonly used materials are cast iron and aluminum alloy, which can be divided into aluminum - copper alloy (Y alloy) and aluminum - silicon alloy (LO-EX alloy); Blank processing methods can be divided into casting and forging two.

2, piston pin: generally adopts high quality carburized carbon steel such as 20, 15CrA or 20Mn2, which can be advanced alloy steel in the strengthened internal combustion engine; The outer surface should be carburized or quenched by induction. In order to improve the fatigue strength, cold extrusion, double-sided carburizing, cyaniding or nitriding can be used.

3. Piston rings: commonly used materials are cast iron and steel; The surface treatment methods include chromium plating, tin plating, molybdenum spraying and phosphating; The processing methods include monomer casting, mold processing and thermal fixation.

4. Connecting rod: It is generally made of medium carbon steel or alloy steel.

5, crankshaft: forged crankshaft and cast crankshaft can be divided into two categories, forging crankshaft commonly used materials for ordinary carbon steel (35, 40, 45, 50) and alloy steel (35Mn2, 40Cr, 45Mn2, 35CrMoA, 42CrMoA, 50CrMoA, 40CrNi and 18Cr2Ni4WA), casting crankshaft commonly used materials for ductile cast iron QT60-2, malleable cast iron KTZ70-2, alloy cast iron and cast steel ZG35, etc..


6. Valve distribution mechanism: At present, the valve cone Angle of most internal combustion engines is 45 degrees; The intake valve is usually made of 40Cr, while the exhaust valve is made of high-carbon martensitic steel (working temperature does not exceed 650 degrees, such as 4Cr9Si2, 4Cr10Si2Mo, etc.) and austenitic alloy steel (working temperature can reach 870 degrees, such as 4Cr14Ni14W2Mo).

7, body: including the cylinder block and crankshaft box, generally made of aluminum alloy and cast iron.

8. Cylinder head: it is generally made by casting.

9, cylinder head gasket: generally have the following types - the whole chip aluminum hard liner, cascading sheet steel liner, corrugated sheet steel liner, steel - copper - asbestos gasket, asbestos gasket and weaving wire or metal skeleton and asbestos gasket, general small and medium-sized power internal combustion engines are using copper - asbestos gasket or steel plates - asbestos gasket.