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Why is it so cheap to buy a motorcycle online? !
Release date:2020.10.09

1, some mainstream model deposit

Now, many domestic companies have official flagship store in some electric business platform sales of his motorcycle and peripheral accessories, general this store is in order to safeguard the interests of the offline agents, inside the store sales of the commodity price and offline no difference, more up and down the order from line to line entity shop car, there will be part of the profits will be delivered to offline agents.

For example, the price on the search page is only 2,000 yuan, but after this point went in to see it is actually a deposit, after the car is to pay off the rest of the money to pick up the car. As a result, we can see that there are several thousand yuan of prices on the page, but in fact, these prices marked externally cannot be used to buy these cars.

2. Shanzhai models

Generally speaking, if it is a new model and a mainstream model, the price difference between online and offline will not be particularly large, because manufacturers have to weigh the interests of all parties. If some models we see online are thousands of yuan cheaper than offline, instead of deposit, we need to keep our eyes peeled.

Have net friend say, see Honda CB190 once have new car price 8000 yuan, look from the picture with Honda's exactly the same, but found that after point in a detailed annotation models into domestic small factory brand mark, or is 1:1 with the original car appearance design and configuration of mark, this method also can make the car price is very cheap, and most businesses won't say they are fake car, and the prototype publicity page copy directly to the propaganda, do so, move some consumers will be keen on gaining petty advantages, and due to the particularity of the motorcycle, after take the arrival of the goods is better than general commodity be careful, This type of trap requires extreme caution.


3, the source of vehicles

Online merchants prospective new car have special, that is, from the outside, as if a new car, the car prices are much cheaper than the official mark, but some go in look, turned into some have the registration of the old car, just after the merchant's cleaning and renovation of these old cars, from the photos look good like a new car, but in fact is used, so the price can be cheaper than what we have seen thousands of yuan.

This kind of used car is divided into two kinds, one kind is ok transfer ownership, bought the id information that needed to provide oneself to give a businessman namely later, the businessman carries file to come over to him city hand in administrative department to settle down; The other is to indicate directly that the ownership cannot be transferred, but the source of the vehicle and the procedures are formal.

There may be no problem with the car that can be transferred. As long as you like it, you can buy it back and make your own scooter when the mileage is not much. And to the model that cannot transfer is not recommended to buy, because the car that cannot transfer is also called back door car, the name on the driving license of this kind of car is not his, deal with a lot of car management business subsequently more troublesome, some even do not have a way even to transfer, and when the rear row sells a car, also do not know how much to want.

In short, when we see on the Internet that the price of the motorcycle is larger than the price of our physical stores, it is particularly cautious, if it is a new factory car, the price is basically the same, there are few up and down thousands of pieces of the situation, we need to keep our eyes open.

Buy motorbike on the net, the likelihood is some is not the car of regular manufacturer, some is the car that odd plate assembles, some is the kind of moped that does not have license plate, also not the car of national standard, you should be careful to buy, do not look at the price, cheap buy, after buy oneself again regret.