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Play motorcycle of you, really know big trade car and water car how to distinguish?
Release date:2020.10.15

In recent years, the domestic motorcycle market is extremely hot, moyo people play the level of the car is also rising, whether from the performance or price have risen more than a level. Import trade motorcycle quality is quite recognized by moyou, but the price has been high, at every turn more than two hundred thousand is still ordinary "play ticket" can not afford.

For this reason, a cheap locomotive - water - wheel was born. Compared to the formal trade, water wheel price affordable more than one point two points. Motorcycle enthusiast, do you really know the difference between a big wheel and a water wheel?

No matter be big trade or water wheel, it is to be aimed at pure import car, domestic motorbike does not have big trade or water wheel say.

The so-called big trade car is a serious import locomotive. After national 3C certification and paying customs duties, the brand can be registered normally if it reaches Chinese consumers through regular sales channels such as 4S stores.

And the water wheel is through the channel of smuggling into the country, is illegal. The vehicles come from a variety of sources, usually second-hand motorcycles sold at auction in Europe, the United States or Japan, which can be stolen, crashed or refurbished.


Local operators would collect the cars and ship them by freighter to Hong Kong, from where they would be shipped to the mainland. These cars did not pass customs declaration, belong to the model of illegal entry, so there is no way on the plate, but this kind of car than those regular imported cars more than half of the price, because the price has a great advantage, so there are many people consider this car.

To tell the difference between these two cars, you can easily tell them by two simple tips.

The first tip is to look at the car, if you see a "big trade car" without a license plate, it is likely to be a water truck, because now the motorcycle must be on the license plate, the license plate is just like the id card of the motorcycle, recording the relevant information of the motorcycle. Nevertheless the car that has license plate also is not necessarily import big trade, also do not rule out the situation that exists water wheel sets a card.

The second trick is to see whether there is a Chinese driving nameplate or 3C certification mark on the car. Usually, dao motorcycle has these two things on it, so it is also a mark to distinguish whether the car is legal, while water wheel often does not have these two things. In addition, there are warning signs in Chinese, such as fuel, brake oil reminder.

Through these two moves above, basically can differentiate import big trade motorcycle and water wheel easily. But because the water wheel has no security, has been gradually marginalized, the market is less and less.

After all, big trade car expensive also have expensive capital. Buy big trade car to be able to enjoy very formal service. For example, the company of locomotive can provide all the regular after-sales service, repair, recall, testing and software upgrade and a series of perfect service system. At the same time, the new car has Instructions in Chinese, the price is transparent, and all 4S stores in China sell the car at the same price. Users can transfer the ownership at any time after buying the car, and they can buy formal insurance and other services similar to imported cars.

So, if want to ride a motorcycle for a long time, still buy regular brand, budget is insufficient can consider domestic brand, budget is much word import big trade is best choice of course.