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Regulation stipulates: motorcycle can go up high speed! But small displacement or waive it!
Release date:2020.10.15

The question of motorbikes is a cliche, but many people don't know that motorbikes are allowed on the highway (except, of course, for some local "land policies"). What's more, every time the expressway passes for free, it will be marked with the words "including motorcycle" and "including motorcycle", which means that motorcycles can go on the expressway and enjoy the preferential policies of expressway. But today's topic is, is it safe to drive on a small engine?

Anyway, my personal opinion is that I feel not recommended. Why not recommend high speed cars with small engines? Mainly based on two considerations: first, safety; Second, fuel consumption and endurance.

Safety: There are too many trucks on the highway these days. The speed of the truck is about 100, so the motorcycle is forced to improve their speed, at least not be overtaken by the truck, or can easily pass the truck, because the truck overtaking is a very scary, very dangerous thing.

If the cruising speed is forced to go up to 100, then you need to push it as high as possible for a short period of time before overtaking, which is very difficult for a small engine motorcycle. Let's say the average 150, the top speed is about 110, and you cruise it at 100, and that's basically what kills the car; And then if you go up to 250 without water, it's going to be very difficult to overtake the other car, which is 100, and it's going to be very difficult for you to get past it in a short time, so it's going to be the most dangerous time.


At the same time, the small engine bike, with its brakes and frame and cushioning support (allowing for speeds of up to 100 at medium and low speeds), has a hard time braking and handling compared to the large engine car. For example, an engineering vehicle may stop for 30 meters at 100 kilometers, a 250 vehicle may stop for 40 meters at 100 kilometers, and a 150 vehicle may stop for nearly 50 meters.

Fuel consumption and range: For example, I once rode a Yamaha flying to 250 high-speed. This car is always considered to be very fuel-efficient, with fuel consumption of less than 3 liters and range of nearly 700 kilometers. However, when running at high speed with small displacement, it can maintain high speed for a long time, so its fuel consumption is very high. Fuel consumption is estimated at nearly five litres, and range drops from 700km to 300km. When running at high speed, the speed of my Huanglong 600 will be very low and the load will be very light. It may need nearly seven liters of oil to run downtown, but the consumption of running at high speed is less than five liters, and a tank of oil can run nearly 300 kilometers.

The motorway was smooth, without brakes, never mind. If more cars, give you a suggestion, no load running high speed, the suggestion of more than 300 displacement; If more luggage, more than 400 displacement is recommended. If you want to run more easily, it is suggested that more than 500 displacement.

To sum up, although the design speed of more than 70 small displacement is allowed on the high-speed, but if the high-speed traffic is more, from the safety, fuel consumption and endurance to consider, I personally suggest that more than 300 displacement on the high-speed is more appropriate. Of course, now the motorcycle technology is more and more developed (the data in this paper is for reference only), different brands of models displacement speed ability, brake performance is different, the individual also according to their own model ability consideration, everything from safety!