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What about honey instead of motorcycle oil?
Release date:2020.10.15

Looking at the headlines in today's post, you'd think we were the headline guys or selling motor oil, but we weren't. Today we share an imaginative test by a foreign Youtube blogger. What would happen if you added honey to a motorcycle engine instead of oil?

Since the experiment was likely to ruin the bike, the blogger went to Amazon to buy a cheaper Lifan KPR200 and put it to the test.

After the purchase, he went through all kinds of cruel tests, such as low and high turn cruise, cross-country flying slope, etc. Finally he emptied the oil, added honey, and rode more than 30 kilometers.

The clutch didn't even slip after the honey was added, except for the engine making more noise, which is a really shocking result...

He also poured out the honey after the test. Surprisingly, according to the blogger, the taste of the honey after running the engine did not change much, except that it tasted more like charred bees. But after more than 30 kilometers, the amount of honey poured in was about a quarter less than when it was added. Since the engine was not disassembled for inspection, it was not possible to determine whether this had been consumed during the cycle or remained in the engine due to excessive viscosity.

Of course, we do not recommend that you try it at home, whether or not it can be temporarily replaced, but honey is not oil, in the heat dissipation rate, engine protection of the effect of absolute and dedicated products have a big gap.