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The motorcycle that bought at a low price 80 years ago, now bid 170 thousand all do not sell, why?
Release date:2020.10.22

The Motobecane DS45 motorcycle owned by a ho Chi Minh City man has attracted many collectors. The motorcycle is currently priced at 470 million Vietnamese dong (about 170 thousand yuan).

The Motobecane DS45 was a popular model at the time and is still loved by many people who want to keep it in their collection. One collector said the motorcycle had become a rare antique on the market and was still worth collecting and worth a lot, even though it had rusted in many places over time.

Originally, the Motobecane DS45 was considered tobe the first category in the development of the global motorcycle manufacturing industry. The Motobecane DS45 is known to many in Vietnam as one of the favorite and most frequently used vehicles of the last King of Vietnam.

According to previous reports, Vietnam has very little other than an India-registered Motobecane DS45 owned by du Quang To, a man from Ho Chi Minh City. As a result, the motorcycle he owned was regarded as a "treasure" and many people wanted to buy it home.


According to du Guangtu, the owner of the Motobecane DS45, many people in the community of traditional car enthusiasts are attracted after seeing the Motobecane DS45 and want the owners to sell it.

"I bought it years ago at a low price from a Western owner and it's more than 80 years old, but it's working very well and doesn't have a lot of ageing. However, because it was a first class development in the global motorcycle manufacturing industry, the appearance of this motorcycle is rather rudimentary. The frame, the sliding throttle hook on the handlebars, the speedometer set and so on are very old, and there is not even a starter lock." Du Guangtu said.

Although over time, the car has rusted in many places, but this does not affect the normal start and operation of the motorcycle. Du also said that the current price of the car is 470 million dong, but he would not sell it easily.

Many of today's ancient objects are treasured, and I hope this motorcycle will also be well preserved. Believe a few decades later, this motorcycle will get more people's attention, the collection value will be higher.