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Why is this place all riding motorcycles, but there is no market for electric cars?
Release date:2020.10.22

During 11 holidays, when have more friend go to Japan to play, discover a novel phenomenon, the electric car that can be seen everywhere on domestic main street, Japanese street does not have unexpectedly? ! In addition to private cars on the road, the number of the most is a motorcycle, moyo can not help but be surprised, why all ride motorcycles, but there is no electric car?

In fact, Japan has a relatively high per capita income, and its automobile industry is technologically advanced, leading the world in both automobile and motorcycle manufacturing. Japan attaches great importance to health and environmental protection, the streets are very clean, but why no one USES the green electric cars here?

Deep down, The Japanese manufacturing technology is strong, the research on motorcycles is even more sophisticated, like Suzuki, Honda and Kawasaki are all from Japan's famous brands. Because of the advanced motorcycle production technology, electric vehicles are relatively less important, consumer demand for electric vehicles is also relatively reduced.

Due to Japan's relatively small land area, large population, the phenomenon of traffic jams happen from time to time, motorcycles are in great favor. In addition, the motorcycle produced locally is relatively economical and practical, and the fuel consumption is also well controlled. Compared with electric vehicles, motorcycles have faster speed, more gas stations and more convenient refueling, which saves time and also reduces unnecessary troubles.


They don't think electric cars have an advantage over motorcycles. Although electric vehicles do not need refueling, but it takes a long time to charge, the time cost is expensive, the most important is the power, range can not reach the daily needs, a little passenger speed can not catch up. And batteries that consume too much may be more polluting to replace, so more Japanese prefer to ride motorcycles.

At present, more and more people like to play motorcycles in China, although there are many restrictions on motorcycles on the road in many places, but still can not dampen the enthusiasm of moguls. Of course, affected by the national conditions, domestic electric vehicle ownership is numerous, if the electric vehicle is a means of transportation, then the motorcycle has sublimated into a motorcycle culture, a fashion pursuit, the spirit of chivalry widely spread!