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Several entry-level motorcycle sports cars with super high cost performance are recommended
Release date:2020.10.28

For a long time, the options for entry level trotting of motorcycles are not too much. The once domestic entry level small sports cars have always been dominated by "Horizon". In recent years, many regular large factories have been gradually expanding their efforts in this field, and the optional models have been gradually enriched. The following launched a few cost-effective small displacement of sports cars, for the love of moyo reference choice.

1.12980 yuan

Suzuki GIXXER155

The maximum power is 10.4KW, the power is superior in the same level, the quality and price are also very sincere, configuration is its deficiency, but it does not affect its king status in this level.

2. 18,580 yuan / 21,680 yuan

The spring 250 sr

The 250 water-cooled engine independently developed by Spring Breeze has a maximum power of 20.5kW, a maximum horsepower of 27.9ps, a maximum torque of 22Nm, 0-100km/h acceleration time of 7.5 seconds, and a GPS topspeed of more than 140km/h. The sliding clutch, the strongest 250, has a strong original look in recent years and is no problem the most sought-after small row sports car in the market.

3. 19800 yuan

The infinite 300 rr

The price is super, the appearance level line, the fuel tank is big enough, the endurance is not worried. ABS, the most cost-effective entry-level sports car, is the best choice for its appearance design, configuration and workmanship.


4.More than 42000

Apulia GPR150

Aporia GPR150 is a pure racetrack built entry-level sports car. This car has a good fun characteristics, it is no exaggeration to say that in about 20,000 sports cars this car's playability is beyond doubt, basically it is hard to compete. The RSV4's exterior design, biplane SPAR frame, strong rear rocker arm and high speed engine make it a few grades above the same level, but at present compared to the mainstream new models, its configuration is indeed relatively weak, but it is still the strongest 150 small steel gun in the country.

5. More than 30000

Suzuki GSX250R - A

The Suzuki GSX250R has always been a great choice for moyo to buy an entry-level sports car. Suzuki LOGO, appearance level, control, quality and preservation rate, whether unilateral or comprehensive, is still NO.1 in the field of small displacement, although its price is a little bit high, but the sales volume is still high.

6. 50980 yuan


A sporty small sports car, which is the closest to the race-setting in this class, the new RC390 has added many upgrades. Sliding clutch is an important upgrade configuration. With the single cylinder 43-horse engine and WP's front and rear shock absorbing, it leads the pack in this class.

7.49800 yuan

Kawasaki Ninaj400

It seems that mainland at present in this level of the most popular player, configuration, needless to say, the newly added 399CC dual-cylinder engine 45 horsepower should be everyone's favorite, ninja, sports car, dual-cylinder, cost-effective these are its synonym.

These a few "low-key" costly have connotation, genuine, pull the motorbike trot of exciting wind, which one do you prefer?