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Should this "pot" be carried by motorcycle?
Release date:2020.10.28

In fact, the topic of motorcycle "safety" has been a hot topic. In the perception of many people, "cars are iron wrapped meat, while motorcycles are iron wrapped meat", which is not safe at all. In fact, it is not. With the continuous improvement of various motorcycle equipment and performance, the safety of motorcycle riding depends more on the "human" factor.

Motorcycle safety = people * equipment

Motorcycle riding safety, can not be generalized, with a lot of human factors. "Motorcycle safety = people * equipment"! Since this is a multiplicative relationship, then any factor of "zero", your "safety" is basically zero...

"People" = cyclist mentality * Driving skills

People's riding level is high or low, the mentality is also crucial. Personally, I think the mentality of cyclists is the most important thing. A good cyclist should have a good cycling mentality and refuse "road rage", which is an important factor related to core safety.

But many motorcycle enthusiasts lack a "mature mindset". These people are either young and aggressive, or "wet behind the ears" adults, they should understand the motorcycle is "handsome" "cool"... So once this state of mind can not be satisfied with the nature of the heart a horizontal "love who, do it", away from a thing is not far away.

Most motorcycle riders only receive training from driving schools, while the rest rely on their own "understanding", so the improvement of driving skills comes from "road tests". In fact, it is not wrong, because after all, the actual road experience to improve more pragmatic, of course, it may be a casual trial and error you will miss more...

There's a huge difference in driving skills, what we call car sense. The car feels good together with the technical support certain meeting hand is very fast. A motorbike should be a complete stranger to an old driver. Why do you say so? Regardless of the operational differences, there are essential differences in "road condition observation" alone. Motorcycle observation needs to be carried out on a larger scale.

In the process of motorcycle driving, you need to pay more attention, keep your eyes and ears open to prevent potential threats in advance and minimize the risk factor. Car sense, forecast, operation skills, the fusion of the three become their own muscle response, to reach the starting state of integration of people and cars.


"Equipment "= vehicle * protection

Today's vehicles are much stronger than N years ago, ABS, linkage brake, traction control, sliding clutch... These safety features, which were previously only available in public upgrade or Grand Trade (10+W) models, are now not only much more popular, but many of them have become standard, which is undoubtedly the biggest benefit for every knight. "Ten accidents nine times fast", technology again cattle also can not stand your "SAO operation".

Protective equipment: Helmet can be bought as expensive as you can afford; Gloves are essential. Anyone who has fallen over a car knows that human instinct is to touch the ground first, and the moment of touching the ground is also the moment of maximum gravity acceleration. Therefore, for hand protection, it should be considered and the priority is second only to the head.

Cycling wear: It is estimated that many riders are the first choice of equipment, the reason is not it - handsome cool! In fact, besides being handsome, the most important thing is that there are a lot of "technical" and "considerate" safety designs inside the cycling clothes, which can effectively protect you.

Bluetooth headsets: This is one of the safety features for knights, as we can listen to the navigation through the Bluetooth system. Pay attention to just listening to the navigation, not the "sounds" that cause the adrenaline rush or distraction. Mobile phone stand is not recommended, the first to fall off the car "fly" is the phone. Now, voice navigation is easy, and a Bluetooth headset is enough.

Now, the motorcycle standard drive, relatively speaking is still very safe, but is not "the safety depends on" the driver two said, so say, don't blame the motorcycle at every turn, whether the safety also depends on "character"!