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Water-cooled double cylinder 321CC, 46,000 starting point, Yamaha strength dry goods introduction
Release date:2020.10.28

With the development of society, motorcycles have gradually become a necessity for people to release life pressure and enjoy dynamic fashion. Motorcycle manufacturers are more powerful, and many amazing cars emerge in endlessly. Tairong pathfinder has gained a win-win result in sales and public praise. "Xiaogang Gun" Secron RZ3S, outstanding market performance......

Only those who find their own positioning, to meet the needs of users of the brand, in the market in an invincible position, long-term development. Today's Yamaha R3 is another great addition to the Yamaha family! The vehicle weighs 170kg, the fuel consumption is only 4L, the two-cylinder water-cooled 320cc, 46,000.

In terms of modeling style, YZF-R3 inherits the double-headed lamp in the head cover of R family, and the central air inlet between the double-headed lamps ensures that enough cold air is injected at high speed. The large V letter of the side guide hood and the light and thin tail hood outline the strong quality forward shape, appearing energetic and dynamic;

In terms of power, the parallel two-cylinder engine with water-cooled DOHC 4 valves has a cylinder diameter stroke of 68.0× 44.1mm and an exhaust capacity of 321cc. Under the servo of the new-generation electronic fuel injection system, the maximum crankshaft power is 30.9 kW (42p) /10750rpm, and the maximum torque is 29.6nm /9000rpm.

This in-line two-cylinder engine combines toughness at low to medium RPM with passion at high RPM, and with a wet weight of less than 169kg, the yzf-r3 delivers excellent running performance. The YZF-R3 has a strong torque at low RPM thanks to a well-designed electronic fuel injection system and a shorter gear ratio. The yzf-r3100km /h is accelerated in 5.1 seconds, 0.5 seconds faster than the Ninja300; If the straight road is long enough to screw the accelerator to the bottom, the YZF-R3 can go as fast as 190km/h.


Like the latest generation of yamaha MT series, the YZF-R3's parallel twin cylinder has a deflecting structure, in which the centre of the cylinder is tilted towards the vent. This special structure makes the combined force of the piston's downforce and the connecting rod's reaction force in the combustion phase go downward instead of sideways, thus reducing the impact on the cylinder wall. In this way, friction loss can be reduced and power output can be improved.

The rear flat fork adopts an asymmetric structure and is made of pressed steel to achieve a balance between weight, strength and rigidity. However, the more prominent feature is the design of the long swing arm, which has been proven to reduce the fluctuation of the geometric setting of the chassis during violent acceleration, braking, and steering, thus achieving more stable control. To this end, YZF-R3 USES a long swing arm as long as 573mm, accounting for 42% of the wheelbase, which is exactly the same as YZF-R1. Keep the car stable during high speed attack turns.

To improve power response, this parallel twin cylinder is fitted with an aluminum alloy forging piston that is only available in supercars. Compared with the casting piston with conventional technology, the forging piston has the advantages of lightweight, with a weight 10% lighter. At the same time, the strength is greater, and it can work stably under harsh conditions of long time and high speed. Accordingly, the engine is also equipped with carburized links, lighter, more robust, effective support for the full flow of high speed power output!

The suspension system of YZF-R3 USES a vertical front fork. The diameter of the inside tube of the front fork is 41mm, which is the thickest front fork in its class. The rear is a single cylinder shock absorber, providing 7-step pre-load adjustment. Large diameter 280mm floating disc +2 piston calipers, rear wheel brake is 220mm single disc + single piston calipers, at the same time with standard anti-lock braking system.

Vehicle parameters of YZF-R3:

Engine type: four-Flush water cooled DOHC twin cylinder

Air displacement: 321cc

Gearbox: 6 speed chain drive

Peak horsepower: 42HP @ 10,750 RPM

Peak torque: 30Nm @ 9000 RPM

Cylinder diameter @ stroke: 68.0mm x 44.10mm

Compression ratio: 11.2:1

The wheelbase: 1379 mm

High: 780 mm

Minimum ground clearance: 160mm

Front wheel: 110/70 17

Rear wheel: 140/70 17

Front brake: 298mm single butterfly double calipers

Rear brake: 220mm single disc single caliper

Tank capacity: 14.0 litres

Wet weight: 167 kg

In general, the reason why Yamaha R3 is so popular is not because it controls one shining point, but because it performs extremely well in power, appearance and other aspects. What do you think, Moviegoers?