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Moving, infinite, and unbounded, Guster redefines the pedal locomotive!
Release date:2020.10.28

As the motorcycle product with the largest quantity in China at present, scooters are of high quality, with feelings and fashionable appearance, and have once become a popular category pursued by young men and women.

In particular, in the classic romantic film "Roman Holiday", the romantic scene in which the heroes Golivik and Audrey Hepburn ride the Vespa to roam the streets is even more deeply rooted in people's hearts, making many people remember it for a long time. As a result, the Vespa has come into people's sight, becoming a synonym for romantic elegance and a model for vintage locomotives.

Vespa is derived from the Italian word for wasp, which means wasp. It stands for wasp dexterity and shrewdness. Guster launched vintage pedal bumblebee at the right time, just perfect fit the aesthetic needs of the younger generation.


Guster bumblebee vehicle design lines smooth, rounded arc and rounded horn instead of hard straight, both dexterous and concise, and do not lose the retro fashion concise style.

Bumblebee Bao Li yellow color is quite eye-catching, the vehicle USES the golden frosted texture of spraying processing, the details add chromium plating decoration, elegant highlight expensive gas, like the time spirit from the last century, smart and elegant, elegant, like a piece of art.

Vehicle configuration:

The overall shape of Guster Bumblebee is small and compact, but the pedal position is very wide, very convenient to put feet and buy things. The length * width * height of the car body are: 1885*770*1090mm, wheelbase 1360mm, maximum power up to 6.0kW /7000rpm; The maximum torque is 8.2N.m/ 6,000 RPM. The comfortable and wide one-piece saddle height is only 760mm, which is very amiable.

The back seat is equipped with aluminum shelf, practical strong, travel shopping load is absolutely no problem. The front and rear 10-inch small wheel rings are equipped with vacuum tires, the minimum ground clearance is 110mm, and the climbing ability is ≥20, which can meet the daily cycling needs of urban office workers.

Guster Bumblebee is equipped with 125CC single-cylinder air-cooled four-stroke engine, and the electronic injection system is strictly implemented in accordance with the fourth national emission standard. The front wheel adopts the classic single rocker arm double disc brake design, while the rear wheel adopts the drum brake, which promotes the riding comfort and experience to the best level. The maximum speed is 85km/h, the fuel consumption of 100km is 2.5L, the fuel tank capacity is 3.8L, and the range can reach about 150km.

Optional color:

Guster Bumblebee has a wide variety of colors to choose from. It not only has bao Li yellow, which is low-key and luxurious with connotation, but also has a variety of classic colors to choose from, such as jujube red, milky white, Vaux light blue, century blue, mint green, matte military green and matte black, which is enough to meet the aesthetic needs of different users.

Local details:

Details determine success or failure, good product design details must be done to the extreme. The Gustett shows true quality in every detail.

Headlights: Round electroplated LED retro headlights make night travel as bright as day, effectively improving driving safety;

Instrument panel: Mechanical instrument panel display is more intuitive and clear.

Front/back turn signal: novel and fashionable style, full personality.

Taillight: Taillight design novel and unique, compact round, simple and generous.

Front fender: add protection bar and plating process decoration to ensure safety protection and show the aesthetic feeling of design in details.

Rearview mirror: fashionable chrome-plated rearview mirror, large field of vision, effectively improve the safety driving coefficient.