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If you want to make your motorcycle high insurance rate, you should pay attention to the following points
Release date:2020.12.02

Motorcycles are their private property, and everyone hopes to preserve their value. Recently, A VESPA in Beijing sprint 150 sold for 3.03 million yuan, which is known to be aimed at Beijing A license plate. However, it is A fact that VEPSA maintains its value quite well in the motorcycle market. After buying a motorcycle, who all hope his motorcycle value preservation, when buying who all hope his motorcycle as cheap as possible, this produced certain contradiction, so how to make his motorcycle value preservation, small make up give you tips.

1. If you want to preserve the value of your motorcycle, try to buy brand-name products;

The quality of motorcycle is the premise condition that motorcycle maintains value or not, so, want to think oneself motorcycle maintains value, must buy a famous brand product for certain. General motorcycle preservation order is: imported car > joint venture car > domestic brand > domestic brand > miscellaneous brand, this order is mainly considered the motorcycle product quality and the scarcity of resources.


2, want to maintain their motorcycle value, but also maintain their own car;

An important indicator of used car valuation is the condition of the vehicle, that is, the condition of its maintenance. A well-maintained car is definitely worth more than a poorly maintained car. Therefore, knowledgeable used car traders will look at the condition of the engine oil and judge the carbon accumulation. They also try to ride the vehicle to see how it is performing and pay close attention to any engine overhauls.

3, want to maintain their motorcycle value, must make the motorcycle procedures complete;

Many motorcycle owners think that after the motorcycle is registered, everything will be fine, never care about the annual review and so on, and sometimes think that they are lucky to escape the annual review. Such as extended last year when the review, some vehicle administration will be fined, simply not the annual review, resulting in the driving license extended without annual review and cancellation. This is the most undesirable behavior, a car has legal procedures and incomplete procedures, the second-hand market valuation of a wide range. So, in order to make their motorcycle to sell a few more money, or honest trial last year.

4, want to keep their motorcycle value, as far as possible to comply with traffic regulations, not a major accident.

Used cars have been a major accident are very used-car traders pay attention to whether the place, major traffic accidents on the vehicle, if the service does not reach the designated position, will produce a lot of insecurity, to teach you an important judgment method, is a motorcycle straight, hands from sliding direction, had an traffic accident vehicle, hands can't put off, a take off will be overturned.

5. If you want to maintain the value of your motorcycle, try to buy a model with mature technology;

Many motorcycle brands like to increase their selling price or sales by hyping technical gimmicks or selling points. However, these gimmicks or selling points are often immature. After consumers buy them, their consumption experience is not good, and the products will depreciate in value.