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[everyone comments] how about Kawasaki Z900?
Release date:2021.05.06

Model overview

Kawasaki Z900 has always been in the forefront of public opinion in China. As long as it releases a car with a price of less than 100000 yuan, the comment area will definitely show "isn't it good to add some money to the Z900 directly?"

Z900 follows the sharp appearance of Z series family, full of offensive sense. The body size is different from that of Z800. The wheelbase of Z900 is slightly longer than that of Z800, reaching 1450mm, but the seat height is reduced by 34mm, only 800mm, and the riding posture is more comfortable

The new Z900 2020 has upgraded TFT color meter, LED light source, three new ktrc traction control systems, four power modes, and optimized shock absorption and rear rocker arm


Price: 107900 yuan

Model parameters

Engine type: in line four cylinder water cooled DOHC 8 valve

Actual displacement: 948cc

Maximum power: 86.3kw (117ps) / 9500rpm

Maximum torque: 95n.m/7700rpm

Seat height: 800mm

Curb weight: 212kg

Tank volume: 17L

Feedback from riders


1. Handsome appearance

2. Dynamic

3. Good handling


1. High fuel consumption

2. Slippery tire

3. Hard cushion

4. The exhaust noise of the original factory is general

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