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2021 new Suzuki Falcon
Release date:2021.05.06

Since its launch in 1999, GSX1300R Hayabusa has been wandering the Jianghu for many years with the name of "the fastest on the ground". However, Suzuki has always changed its payment very slowly, and it has not introduced too many electric control systems into the first and second generation models (2007-2021). After many years, Suzuki finally officially released the third generation hayabasa on February 5 this year, which has a sharp appearance and a sharp appearance, A large number of electronic control systems have been added to the change

This generation of Hayabusa will focus on knight orientation and optimization design. You can feel the riding posture with a lot of running style when you cross the car. With a large forward leaning but not low lying riding posture setting, higher position foot, and better holding tank shape, the new hayabasa has a high performance travel positioning and is closer to the "running" aspect

The most intuitive change of the third generation Hayabusa is the appearance of the vehicle. The previous generation has paid much attention to aerodynamics, but this generation of vehicles will be more sharp and sharp in appearance design on the basis of the emphasis on aerodynamic. Upgrade to led in the headlights, and combine the Falcon beak extending from the lower edge of the vehicle head to both sides, giving a full sense of speed

Ram air inlet is on both sides of the front of the vehicle head. There is a pressure pattern similar to bird claw trace at the inlet, which has a good texture

The headlamp lamps are full LED light source, the near lamp is reflective lamp, the far lamp is projection type lamp, and the daily lamp is located on the left and right sides of the air inlet. Compared with the previous generation, the lamp design is sharper and more sharp

The front direction lamp also uses LED light source, and the front direction lamp and the daylighting share the lamp. When the directional lamp is activated, it will show orange color

The rear mirror is also designed for the air force. The mirror rod of the mirror is flat and sharp. The front end of the mirror rod is provided with a rotating shaft, which can push the rear mirror forward and fold it back to the bottom

In the aspect of instrument design, the left and right four ring meters and the central TFT instrument are used. The four ring meters are respectively oil meters, tachometers, hourly meters, water temperature meters, etc. from left to right. The central TFT instrument can display various driving information. After turning the key, the central TFT instrument can display the new word "Falcon"


Enter the menu of instrument function and switch the display screen of central TFT instrument. The above figure shows the preset SDMs- α」 The instrument screen has the following electronic control system:

The preset ride mode can be adjusted in three sections: a (active), B (basic basic), C (comfort)

Three adjustable segments of custom riding mode: U1, U2, u3

Curve tracking system motion track tracking control system: 10 segments adjustable, can be turned off

Anti lift control system: 10 adjustable and closed

Bi directional quick shift system: two-stage adjustable and can be closed

Engine brake control system: three modes are available and can be turned off

Launch control system: three modes available

Active speed limiter

Emergency stop signal

One click departure system Suzuki easy start system

Low RPM assist

Cruise control system

Combined brake system

Curve ABS system

Slope dependent control system

Hill hold control system

After long press the key, the instrument menu will be displayed, ride setting, over turn lamp setting, slope start auxiliary system setting, instrument brightness, instrument display setting, date and time setting, maintenance reminder setting, reply preset, leaving, etc. can be set according to personal preference

The Suzuki standard solid key can be used to unlock the lock head, open the tank cover, and open the rear seat cushion. In the key design, it creates high quality with black and gold colors, and decorates it with Chinese Falcon in the middle. It is quite handsome

The left handle is equipped with a distance lamp switch, menu function key, mode selection key, direction light switch and horn, etc. the right handle switch is equipped with a combination start button flameout switch, speed setting function switch, warning light number, etc

For the damping part, the third generation Hayabusa adopts KYB 43mm inverted front fork in front fork, and DLC coating is used for inner pipe

The front fork top cover is provided with the extension side damping and preload adjustment mechanism, and the lower seat of the front fork is equipped with the pressure side damping adjustment mechanism

KYB fully adjustable shock absorber is also selected for the rear shock absorber. Besides preloading, it also has adjustable damping at the extended pressure side, while the extension and pressure side damping adjustment mechanisms are located on the left side of the body

The new Hayabusa adopts a new design lightweight hub, with the tire of Bridgestone battlax hypersport S22, the front wheel size of 120/70zr17 m/c (58w), the rear wheel size of 190/50zr17 m/c (73w)

Then, it comes to the brake system, and uses a pair of Brembo stylema radiation calipers with a set of 320mm floating discs. The rear brake is Nissin one-way single piston callipers, front and rear ABS and bend ABS system, and then the brake system also has the ramp start assist system. When the knight starts on the slope, the system will automatically lock the rear brake

The key point of the Hayabusa change is to add six axis IMU and electronic throttle and electronic throttle valve. The computer operation rate is not only greatly increased, the throttle feedback is lighter, but also the electronic control system can be used is also more. Suzuki drive mode selector alpha (SDMs- α) Three original pre-set riding modes and three custom modes are provided

The displacement is still 1340 CC, the maximum horsepower is 190ps/9700rpm, the maximum torque is 150nm/7000rpm, and through the European five environmental protection code, although the power is lower than the previous generation (197ps/ 9500rpm, 155nm/7200rpm), the engine acceleration performance of the new hayabasa in the middle and low speed range is faster than that of the previous two models

The new Hayabusa features QS forward / backward fast platoon system, with two adjustable sections and fast platoon function being turned off

The switch of the rear cover is located on the left side of the rear end, which needs to be opened by key, and the vehicle tool is attached under the cushion

Finally, this large and long original exhaust pipe can be seen to be completely covered from the middle to the end

The Falcon, born in 1999, is such a classic model spanning several years. This change is a popular one. It combines new and old elements. The electric control system makes this generation of God car with huge power more close to and better hands