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Single cylinder air-cooled 149cc, small problems close to 0, price 13000
Release date:2021.05.06

With the development of science and technology, people's living standards have gradually improved, and the motorcycle manufacturing industry is also developing rapidly, giving birth to many excellent cars“ "Oriental charm" Honda cb150r, momentum is quite strong, it can not be stopped“ BMW r 1200 R is a model of the same model. With the increase of good cars, riders have more choices. Motorcycles must have a deep understanding of the market before they can succeed. The following is about the Grand Prix dr150s, which is the most sincere motorcycle! Small problem close to 0, single cylinder air cooling 149cc, 13000 expensive?

Haojue dr150s is a streetcar developed and produced by Haojue for many years. Relying on its atmospheric appearance experience, it actively meets the needs of riders in "ostentation" and other aspects. Just like this, it has won great praise from riders. With people's increasingly high material requirements, people have a variety of demands for cars, such as LED, USB interface, ABS braking technology, etc. if the motorcycle brand can't understand its own positioning, it can only be a mess. Now the momentum is booming, it must not only rely on the appearance of this single advantage, so what bright spot can it attract knights? Is its comprehensive cost performance worth 13000 selling price? The following is a comprehensive analysis of Haojue's excellent product - Haojue dr150s.

The appearance design of Haojue dr150s is innovative, just like an extraordinary beauty. Every design detail shows its product characteristics. The design of the front of the car is very surprising and quite beautiful. The relaxed side lines extend from the beginning to the rear, highlighting the special style of the side of the car. The design of the rear is upwarped as a whole, forming a kind of curvilinear beauty with the front of the car. The taillights are unique, and they are not inferior to the headlights“ The irregular shape rear-view mirror is like a magic stroke, which makes the car look fuller and full of power.

In terms of power and driving quality, Haojue dr150s adopts a 149cc single cylinder air-cooled power engine. Combined with EFI, the performance is further improved, with the maximum torque reaching 12.7nm and the maximum power reaching 9.1kw. Haojue dr150s is also equipped with a 5-speed chain transmission system, which is said to provide durability and driving pleasure. In addition to Haojue's extraordinary training ability, the transmission system and engine achieve the best effect of a double sword combination. The power is still very good in the middle and late stage. In the early stage, you are willing to give enough throttle. It lays the foundation for the driving experience of the combination of people and vehicles. In all aspects, the power and handling performance are enough to attract the car owners.


The car has the data of 2000x765x104mm and the seat height of 790mm. It is difficult for girls to control it, and there may be problems that they can't reach. The minimum ground clearance of 168mm belongs to the medium level among the motorcycles of the same class. With the wheelbase of 1340mm, the front and rear riding distance can reach the golden ratio. In terms of comfort, we have to say that Haojue has a good way to create a sense of comfort. The seat design allows the knight's crotch to fit the seat cushion, which can alleviate the fatigue of driving. Thanks to the moderate suspension adjustment and strong shock filtering ability, the chassis and suspension handle the details of the road very well when passing through the ups and downs of the road, and make a good balance between the road feel and the shock filtering performance.

In terms of fuel consumption, it has a good fuel consumption performance, with a comprehensive fuel consumption of 2.5L (100km). Starting and parking in the street, the fuel consumption is only 2.75L, while the high-speed fuel consumption is more gratifying, only about 2.27l. It's a streetcar with a servicing mass of 148kg and a low fuel consumption. "At the same time, the fuel consumption performance of 12L Haojue dr150s has a high economy.

Control is one of the real advantages of Haojue dr150s. It has a handle, flexible and accurate steering, and can easily complete the driving action. Steady turning, small inclination, full of driving fun. In general, it can give the driver a good sense of control.

In short, the reason why Haojue dr150s is so popular is that apart from its most outstanding appearance features, its performance in control and power is also remarkable, which can meet the requirements of consumers. At the same time, we have all kinds of configurations. Through the comparison of the same kind, we find that the price performance of Haojue dr150s is very good. So what's your opinion on Haojue dr150s?