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[Maintenance] Motorcycle winter maintenance tips
Release date:2022.12.07

1. Maintenance precautions

Heat preservation

Motorcycles should be stored indoors as far as possible. When there is no condition to put outdoors, the car should also be placed on the side of the sun against the wall. It is best to put on the motorcycle cover for thermal insulation. In addition, stuffing cotton or felt into the battery frame can also be conducive to the heat preservation of the battery.


The heat of the engine can be raised by adding hot water to a radiator (water-cooled type) before starting and then stepping on the starting rod several times to allow the hot water to enter the cylinder water jacket. Or the hot water directly poured in the carburetor and the outside of the intake pipe (air-cooled), through preheating to raise the temperature, improve the atomization conditions of fuel.

Add antifreeze solution

Adding antifreeze to the water-cooled engine can prevent frostbite and shorten the preparation time before starting and the labor intensity of the driver.

Use oil wisely

The cold season should choose the lubricating oil with lower viscosity. Such as the temperature in the area below 0℃ can choose antifreeze oil.

2. Startup precautions

Before starting

The winter weather is cold, the engine oil fluidity is poor, the battery power is insufficient. When starting the engine, you should start with your feet first, and let the car fully warm up after starting.

Time of startup

When starting with electricity, if it cannot be started at one time, it should be started at an interval of 10-15 seconds, and the starting time should not exceed 5 seconds each time.

3. Driving precautions

Cold driving

After starting the engine, it should be heated at idle speed first, and then start after the engine is heated up. After starting, it can drive for a distance in low speed gear. After the lubrication of the transmission part of the engine is gradually reached the normal temperature, it can gradually change into high speed gear. It is strictly prohibited to raise the engine temperature by increasing the speed or continuously blasting the throttle without stopping, which will accelerate the wear of the engine!

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