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Attention must be paid to the maintenance and maintenance of pedal motorcycle belt box
Release date:2022.12.07

Cross riding motorcycle transmission mechanism disk and chain exposed to the outside, so we all know to the disk chain maintenance, and the transmission mechanism of the scooter is covered by the transmission box, can not see, also do not know to maintain, with the coming of the heat, the engine working temperature rises, if your transmission mechanism without maintenance and maintenance, it is easy to produce the phenomenon of broken belt.


First, the working principle of the scooter transmission system

The principle of pedal motorcycle transmission mechanism is to connect two plied plates by a transmission belt. When the engine speed is running at idle, the two plied plates and the transmission belt are in a loose state and cannot drive the motorcycle forward. When the engine speed increases, the two plied plates begin to connect closely with the belt under the action of centrifugal force, and the transmission ratio changes. The greater the engine speed, the greater the change in transmission ratio, and the faster the vehicle.

Two, the scooter transmission system common failure

The common faults of the scooter transmission system are as follows:

1, the front bead wear;

Fault principle: Before the bead wear, the centrifugal force of the bead with the change of engine speed decreases, sometimes even stuck in the groove of the bead does not return, and finally produces the phenomenon of unclear separation at idle speed.

Fault phenomenon: The motorcycle will also move forward at idle speed.

2, the front pulley bushing wear;

After the front plate cover wear, because the whole plate will produce eccentric operation phenomenon, the direct result is that the engine work noise is seriously abnormal, like the engine crankshaft fault sound similar.

3, after the wear;

After the pulley block and pulley plate wear, will produce fast acceleration, increase fuel consumption and other phenomena, after the pulley block spring break, will produce unclear separation, the vehicle will also move forward at idle. If the big spring after the pulley is softened or loosened, the vehicle will start shaking phenomenon.

4. Drive belt fracture;

Because the front and rear platters are not properly maintained, the motorcycle is forced to work under the condition of serious wear and tear, and the belt will eventually break.

Three, scooter transmission system maintenance;

After the motorcycle transmission box cover is covered, because there is a guide plate on the front pulley, it will make the transmission box produce a directional air flow, one is to heat the transmission system, the other is to blow the dust generated in the transmission system work out of the transmission box, so as to avoid excessive wear and tear of the parts inside.

Because many inferior motorcycles are assembled vehicles, there is no air duct on the engine belt box cover, and some are very simple, which will produce a lot of air containing dust into the transmission box and accelerate the aging of the parts inside. The regular motorcycle air duct is generally connected to the steel pipe in the frame, or some are provided with a simple filter element in the air duct to ensure the cleanliness of the air entering the transmission box.

Therefore, the maintenance of the engine transmission system should be regularly open the transmission box cover, clean up the dust in it. If some repair masters are too much trouble, they can also regularly open the air duct, start the vehicle, aim the air duct at the dust blowing operation, especially for the long-term driving on the soil road of the scooter, more should be strengthened to clean up.

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