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36,800 yuan suit Thug, Secron RE560 live shot display
Release date:2023.01.18

Although the domestic vintage model market is not as competitive as other car series, but also gradually converge on the larger displacement models. Zongshen Sakelon also officially launched its mid-weight performance retro new car, the RE560, at the end of 2022, with a starting price of 36,800 yuan.

Recently we have been lucky to ride a few laps of this performance retro new car, today with you to see how this performance retro real car.

Modeling and details

RE560 as the new middleweight of the RE series of Secron, its appearance continues the consistent British retro style of this series of models, and the overall shape of the real car maintains the family design of the entry model RE3 and RE250.

The front has a 3D halo headlamp, which is more three-dimensional than the two entry-level models and has a concentrating lens in the middle. The front and rear steering light sets are hollowed out LED core light sets, and the through-through taillights are well integrated with the seat cushion.

The line design of the new RE560 vehicle is quite rounded, from the big lampshade, fuel tank to the subframe are more unified; The unobtrusive fuel tank holds up to 20L, making it easy to meet the needs of your daily commute, and you don't need to worry about running long distances if you want to fill up.

In order to better visual experience, the first half of the all-in-one brown seat cushion is only designed with caterpillar pattern, which is not only beautiful, but also non-slip. On both sides of the seat is a group of small armrests, the comfort of the whole seat cushion is very good.

RE560 stainless steel metallic exhaust, in the current retro models of the popular black plating, the original color without excess coating is still some bright, in addition to the rear rocker arm is also used many of the car's favorite alloy material.

In addition, the styling is not perfect on the side decoration board. The RE5 shown in the LOGO is not consistent with the model name. As for the rear rocker arm installation license plate, it is subject to opinion.


Seat height, instrumentation, handlebars

RE 560, as a retro model, has a relatively friendly seat height. The main seat height is 800mm, and the height of 176cm can easily land on the feet. Riders with 170cm will have no pressure to drive this retro model.

The 5-inch TFT color projection meter has three UI themes and supports mobile connectivity. In addition to the regular speed, RPM and range, there is an instantaneous display of fuel consumption. The overall display of the meter is good, and the information can be easily read under bright light.

The handlebars of the new open mold work details above the level, the key feedback touch is good, the new car is also equipped with double flash prompt function.

Pirelli Radial vacuum tire specifications for the front 120/70-17, 160/60-17 rear.

Power and configuration

The power portion of the RE560 is powered by a water-cooled parallel two-cylinder DOHC engine, dubbed ND560, with a sliding clutch and a Bosch electric spray system.

The 550.4cc engine delivers a maximum power of 43.5kW/8500rpm and a maximum torque of 55N·m/6500rpm. On paper alone, that compares well with many of the larger 650 models.

A performance throwback, the RE560 features front and rear adjustable suspension systems typically found in sports cars, a 48mm bore with front shock absorption, and an inverted front fork with adjustable 20-section rebound. Rear suspension with independent central adjustable multi-link structure, 2 sections of spring compression, 15 sections of adjustable damping.

The braking part is the front 320mm double floating disc + two sets of west mutual radial four-piston calipers. The rear braking system is a single disc with a single piston caliper. Safety assistance system has Bosch 9.1 dual channel ABS; This set of brakes in the middleweight model is a full package.

In the actual riding experience, the first impression of the RE560 is that the power is a little grumpy, and it can rush forward with a little fuel. The power point of the engine is relatively forward, which gives people the feeling of riding a large row of models. Unfortunately, the test drive experience site conditions are limited, not able to experience the power of high speed.

And the whole suspension system of the new car is the original factory adjustment is biased motion support, which is also in line with the RE560 performance retro title; And the effect of this braking system is also more timely, the front section has a strong braking force, can give the owner better confidence. The fly in the ointment is that ABS intervened a little early.

Due to the limitation of time and venue, the new RE560 this time is more about the demonstration of the real car. I will have the opportunity to talk with you again after further evaluation

The control experience of the RE560 of Cyclon continues the smooth feeling of the previous RC401, the overall workmanship is also above the level, and in the design of some details there are shortcomings and highlights, with a starting price of 36800 yuan, this performance retro is worth a try.

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