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Cub 110 is here and will be available in domestic form
Release date:2023.01.18

The Honda cub, which has been around for years, is finally coming to China. The baby beast will be launched in China, as we previously suspected, is a 110 series model, and the new car will be produced by Honda New Continent.

The domestic version of the Honda Cub 110 basically maintains the design of the overseas model. The round LED headlights are equipped with guard bars, the upright front fork equipped with dust jacket, and the rear double cylinder shock absorber. The difference is that the domestic version comes with a rear seat cushion as standard.

The new car is powered by a 109cc single-cylinder engine with the same maximum power of 5.9kW/7500rpm and maximum torque of 8.5N · m/5500rpm as the overseas version. The overseas model also has a semi-automatic clutch four-speed transmission.

The tire specifications of the domestic Cub 110 are also a little different from the overseas model. Although the tires are 17 inches, the front and rear tires of the domestic version do not use the front 70 and rear 80 tire width, but the front and rear 80 tire width.


The mass of the new car is 107kg (99kg for the overseas version). It is yet to be confirmed whether this change is caused by the change of the auxiliary seat. The new car will have a maximum speed of 85km/h and will come with ABS as standard.

The Honda Cub 110 is expected to be available soon after this filing. It was previously revealed that the price of juvenile 110 on the domestic market will be about 14,000 yuan. Considering that the starting price in Japan is about 15,000 yuan, the price of localization will be reduced somewhat, which is reasonable.

Of course, this is just a guess at the moment, Honda's sales strategy in the domestic market is not the usual way, but the official price reduction of a number of large models, Honda may have a surprise.

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