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Ten thousand yuan class double light sports car, Spring breeze entry level coffee racing car is coming
Release date:2023.01.18

In the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology disclosed the new phase of the model, the Spring breeze dual light sports car also ushered in the debut, not the predicted large displacement of the new car, but an entry-level 125 model.

The CaF Race-style new car, Chunfeng, was not as impressive as the patent design due to the magic photography technology of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, but the real car largely retained the patent design, with the twin light deflectees still prominent.

Other parts of the design also maintain the round gauges, the rear view mirrors mounted on the handlebars, and the rear fender mounted on the rear rocker arm; The painting of the new car is not the spring breeze has always been blue and white, but the use of a more bright red and white painting.

Judging from the painting on the side of the body, the new cafe race of Chunfeng should be the same platform model of Baboon. The power part is also equipped with 126cc single-cylinder engine, with the maximum power of 7.0kW/8500rpm and the maximum torque of 8.3N•m/6500 rpm.

The configuration also includes an inverted front fork + rear central shock absorber, front and rear single disc brakes, and ABS as an optional accessory. The tire specifications are 120/70-12 for the front and 130/70-12 for the back. The repair mass is 114kg and the maximum speed is set at 90km/h.

With a starting price of 8,980 yuan for the baboon, Chunfeng's new coffee sports car is expected to sell for a similar price. What do you think will be the launch price of Chunfeng's retro sports car with two lights?

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