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13,390 yuan, the new Feizhi domestic market
Release date:2023.01.18

Yamaha today suddenly unveiled a retro new entry-level model, the GT150 FAZER, with a starting domestic price of 13,390 yuan. It is worth noting that this Feizhi 150 is the construction of Yamaha declared last year's new model.

In terms of appearance, the retro GT150 Feiji did not adopt the design elements from the XSR series as the overseas version, but redesigned a shape of its own. Although the XSR series is impressive, it is also much better looking than the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology disclosed.

The round headlights and taillights of the new car are all LED light sources. The seat cushion is also a common integrated brown design of retro models. The hardware of the frame, shock absorption, wheel hub and exhaust gas is the black-plated design that many manufacturers have been using recently.

Features include a circular LCD instrument, a vertical front fork with a shield and a rear dual-barrel shock absorber, and front and rear single-disc brakes. Unfortunately, the retro Feiz 150 doesn't come with ABS, which has become standard.


Powered by a single cylinder engine with an actual displacement of 149cc and a compression ratio of 9.6:1, the SOHC 2-valve engine delivers a maximum power of 9.1kW/7500rpm, a maximum torque of 12.4N · m/6000rpm and a top speed of 100km/h.

The tire specifications are front 90/90-18, rear 100/80-18, seat height is 800mm, minimum ground clearance is 175mm, fuel tank capacity is 12.5L, and the reconditioning mass is 126kg. The new car comes in four colors.

When we reported on the new Feiji 150 overseas, we mentioned that some of Yamaha's previous entry-level models sold in China haven't been updated for a long time. With the release of the new GT150 FAZER, Yamaha is hoping that more models will be updated in the future.

For the new construction of Yamaha Feiji 150, a deeper consideration is whether the two sides will carry out further cooperation after this model, just like the way of cooperation in China, the introduction or some domestic models to continue to maintain expansion in the domestic market.

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