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Motorcycle 8 quick troubleshooting method of starting trouble
Release date:2023.02.01

Under the general temperature conditions (above -5℃), the motorcycle engine can not start normally after 2-3 times, indicating that there is a fault, the fault is nothing more than the circuit, oil circuit and cylinder pressure three major elements.

As long as the oil circuit is smooth, the circuit is normal, and the cylinder compression has a certain pressure, the engine can start and work normally. Under normal circumstances, due to cylinder pressure failure (mainly crankcase, cylinder leakage, piston ring wear and fracture caused, check cylinder compression is good spark plug hole, such as feel a violent impact, "poof" sound, fingers are top open, that is, good compression. Otherwise, it will be "hospitalised".

And the engine can not start the situation is very few, a large number of failures in the circuit system, followed by the oil circuit, therefore, as long as we master this principle, and try to use the following methods, under normal circumstances can quickly start the motorcycle.

1. It cannot be started after several days of anchorage

The knights have some experience of how hard it is to start a horse when it has been moored for a few days. The engine breathes breathlessly and then comes to a standstill.

First of all, we should determine whether the reason can not start is circuit problems or other problems, it is not difficult to distinguish, twist the car key to [ON] position, check the horn and headlight, if the horn does not ring, headlight is not bright, indicating that the battery is running out of power.

This is because the motorcycle battery capacity is small, parking for a period of time due to continuous self-discharge and resulting in insufficient power. This is no big deal, as long as the motorcycle is started and the battery is fully charged for a certain distance.

Of course, if the battery has been dead, after starting still can not charge the normal, it should be replaced as soon as possible. Under normal circumstances, in addition to the continuously variable speed scooter, other motorcycles can be used to start the engine quickly.

The specific methods are as follows:

First of all, do a few warm-up exercises to stretch muscles and avoid overexertion and pull muscles;

Then push the motorcycle out of the parking position and prepare to push it towards the road with at least 10m straight distance ahead;

Then check the fuel supply system. Is there enough fuel in the fuel tank?

Is the gasoline shape set in the open position?

After you have done your homework, straddle onto the motorcycle and put the transmission in second gear (it is usually easiest to start in second or third gear). However, it may be a little difficult to put the transmission in second gear when the engine is not running. You can easily shift the motorcycle into gear by shaking it back and forth a few times.

After entering 2 gear, in the case of clutch engagement, and then hard to shake the motorcycle before and after a few times, make full use of the weight of the motorcycle itself will piston ring and cylinder wall lubrication, to reduce the starting resistance, but also can avoid the crankshaft is difficult to start the top dead center or bottom dead center position, help the cart start the car.

Then, get off and lean ON the left side of the car body, hold the direction handle with both hands, maintain second gear, pull up the choke a little, twist the car key to [ON] position, hold the clutch lever with your left hand at the same time, disengage the clutch, and slowly push the car forward;

When the car has reached the highest possible speed, release the clutch and turn the throttle, and the engine will start.

At the same time, immediately and quickly disengage the clutch and hold the accelerator. With your right index and middle finger operating the front brake, brake the front wheel and stop the car.

Put the transmission in neutral with the right foot, put down the parking support, and let the car idle for 2-3 minutes, then you can start. If you're skilled, you can start the engine by pushing the car 5 meters forward.


2. Motorcycle cannot start after rollover

It is inevitable to drive a motorcycle accident rolover, help up, the engine can not restart, in fact, the carburetor fuel leakage, as long as the car to wait for 10 minutes, let the carburetor float room, the oil supply system can work normally.

However, missing fuel may accumulate in the intake manifold, and if the engine is forcibly started, the spark plug will be soaked and the engine will not ignite, and the engine will not start naturally.

At this time, you will smell a strong smell of gasoline, should be in 10 minutes of waiting time, the throttle to the maximum, so that the carburetor butterfly valve open as far as possible, so that too much gasoline volatilized, the engine can start normally.

3. It can not be started after self-extinguishing when driving in foggy days

Driving for a long distance in foggy days, due to the high humidity of the air, it is easy to lead to poor ignition system contact, fuel supply system water and self-extinguishing, must be removed before restarting. The following are the ways to solve the problem quickly:

(1) Ignition system.

(2) Fuel supply system.

4. When the car is hot, it cannot be started after self-flameout

(1) Ignition system.

(2) Fuel supply system.

5. Cannot be started after flameout during acceleration

(1) When the engine accelerates suddenly at idle speed, if the transition hole is blocked, especially the vacuum type (CV type) carburetor has poor transition. After the mixture is too thin and self-flout, the engine can be started smoothly after cleaning the transition hole of the carburetor. After starting, the engine should be accelerated smoothly and gently, and the rapid acceleration should be avoided as far as possible, which will cause artificial poor transition.

(2) Self-flameout at high speed. The main influencing factors are the high voltage and high current formed by the acceleration at high speed, which lead to the high voltage flameout protection circuit in the voltage regulator rectifier acting and self-flameout. The former can be started smoothly after the engine cools. The latter can be started after replacing the new capacitor provided by the vehicle. However, to completely eliminate the high-speed acceleration of self-flameout fault. After reaching the destination, the voltage regulator with low flameout protection voltage should be replaced as soon as possible.

6. It cannot be started after extinguishing the fire while driving

In addition to running out of gasoline, the vast majority of failures in the electrical system.

(1) Bad emergency flameout switch. Motorcycles with emergency flameout switches will flameout when there is a circuit breaker. Find out the circuit breaker that is caused by non-human factors, for example, when the emergency flout switch is unintentionally interrupted during driving, it can be started by placing it in the [ON] position again.

If it is the internal fault of the emergency flameout switch and lead to disconnection, it can be connected with a wire, temporary emergency to solve the problem, after arriving at the destination should be replaced as soon as possible emergency flameout switch.

(2) poor ignition coil. If the ignition coil connector is loose and the fire is broken, the connector should be checked and the oil should be removed. The clamping force of the connector and seat should be increased and the contact strength should be increased to ensure the contact stability.

(3) the trigger coil is bad. Trigger coil lead joint loose break fire, reattach and find ways to strengthen the joint can solve the problem in an emergency, after arriving at the destination should be as soon as possible to strengthen the lead welding strength, completely remove the hidden danger of false welding.

7. Can not start after poor road condition or vibration quenching

The main influencing factor of poor road condition or vibration flaring out is due to the adhesion of carburetor inlet needle valve or float pin corrosion, so that the float is not flexible, resulting in the carburetor oil plane is too low, in the uneven road surface (after the ditch) vibration, the oil plane will be lower, there will be oil cut off and flaring.

The rubber on the surface of the oil inlet needle valve should be thoroughly cleaned, and the rust on the float pin and hole should be removed, so that the movement of the oil inlet needle valve and float is flexible and free. The oil plane can also be adjusted to lower the float height by 1 ~ 2mm.

8. Continuously variable speed scooters that won't start after a few days of parking

The continuously variable speed scooter that cannot be started after parking for a few days cannot be started by a trolley. The power of another motorcycle can be introduced by means of a bridge (usually only a 2m long ordinary household 15A wire can be prepared in the luggage. This wire will not take up too much space, and the cost is extremely cheap).

The method of loading is very simple, first connected to the negative terminal of the two car battery, and then connected to the positive terminal, pay attention to the wiring of the other end of the wire do not encounter any metal part of the two motorcycles, so as not to cause sparks.

After the engine starts, first remove the battery positive terminal line, and then remove the negative terminal line, thank the "lifesaver" can be on the road.

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