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2023 motorcycle annual audit, scrap standard detailed new regulations
Release date:2023.04.20

With the popularity of large and medium-sized motorcycles and the transformation of motorcycles into entertainment, the motorcycle 13-year compulsory scrapping system is becoming more and more unsuitable for the construction of a thrift-oriented society, and the majority of motorcycle friends are increasingly calling for the cancellation of the 13-year compulsory scrapping system. Although China Motorcycle Chamber of Commerce is still making active efforts to coordinate with government departments for the cancellation of the compulsory scrapping system, Perhaps the cancellation of the motorcycle compulsory scrapping system is not far away, but before the cancellation of the compulsory scrapping system, all parts of the country or according to the "road Traffic Safety Law" and "Compulsory scrapping standard Provisions of Motor vehicles" fourth, fifth, seven motorcycle scrapping standards to implement the 2023 motorcycle annual review, scrapping matters, let's take a look at the motorcycle scrapping standards being implemented:

There are two ways of motorcycle scrapping: one is forced scrapping, the other is guided scrapping.

01 Mandatory scrapping

According to the current scrapping regulations, motorcycles will be forced to scrap in four cases:

(1) It has reached the prescribed service life

As we know, there is no retirement age for private cars, but there is for motorcycles. Among them:

Regular three-wheeled motorcycles are 12 years old and other motorcycles are 13 years old.


In addition to compulsory scrapping after reaching the scrapping age, motorcycles will also be forced to scrap if they exist in the following three circumstances:

(2) those which, after repair and adjustment, still do not meet the relevant requirements of the national standards for motor vehicle safety technology for in-use vehicles;

(3) The discharge of pollutants or noise into the atmosphere still does not meet the relevant requirements of the national standards for in-use vehicles after repair, adjustment or adoption of control technologies;

(4) Failing to obtain a passing mark of motor vehicle inspection within three consecutive motor vehicle inspection cycles after the expiration of the inspection validity period.

By "3 test cycles", I don't mean 3 years. Within the first 10 years, 3 test cycles mean 6 years. The current annual inspection cycle for motorcycles is as follows:

New car within 6 years: the second, fourth, eighth year to receive an inspection mark

6-10 years: The 6th and 10th years of online testing

More than 10 years: annual inspection

In addition, the starting date of the service life of a motor vehicle shall be calculated according to the date of registration. However, those who have not gone through the registration formalities within 2 years since the date of leaving the factory shall be counted as the date of leaving the factory. Most license plates show when the motorcycle was disabled.

02 Bootstrap scrap

In addition to mandatory scrapping, motorcycles have a guided scrapping rule.

According to the regulations on scrapping: three-wheeled motorcycles with a range of 100,000 kilometers and other motorcycles with a range of 120,000 kilometers can be sold to scrapped motor vehicles recycling and dismantling enterprises, which will register, disassemble and destroy them in accordance with the regulations.

Of course, the word used here is a very subtle "can," meaning voluntary, not mandatory.

Before the compulsory scrapping standard of motorcycles was cancelled, motorcycles were still implemented in accordance with the original scrapping standard, that is, 13 years of compulsory scrapping of two-wheeled motorcycles, and 12 years of scrapping of three-wheeled motorcycles. Of course, if the naive cancellation of compulsory motorcycle scrapping, then certainly is the announcement of cancellation date, all eligible motorcycles will be cancelled compulsory scrapping, if just before the cancellation of mandatory scrapping of motorcycles, or will continue to be forced scrapping!

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