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Why is there no successor in motorcycle repair?
Release date:2023.04.20

Have you noticed that it is easy for us to find a motorcycle repair shop, but it is very difficult to find a motorcycle repair shop with a very professional level! And it's hard to find anyone under 30 in the motorcycle repair business. Why are there no more motorcycle repairmen? Let's break down the reasons:

First, the consequences of our meritocratic education; Motorcycle industry in our country began to develop rapidly from 1990s, young people at that time want to learn to repair motorcycles, but also to visit teachers and see the master's face, because motorcycle repairmen at that time is a popular industry, learn to repair cars, can get rid of the fate of facing loess and turning to heaven. The only people who owned motorcycles were rich, and you could make money and network with those rich people. But today's young people, most of them were born in the 1990s, and most of them are the only child, the elite education of their parents, leading to this generation of young people ambitious, but lofty, they all yearn to sit in the office, get high salary, marry Bai Fumei, for the maintenance of the industry is not up to, would rather stay at home to eat the old, rather than engage in this profession.


The second reason is income; The income of motorcycle maintenance workers is not high, which is related to the whole industry, because the maintenance industry has not formed a better atmosphere than technology than professional, but is fighting for free projects, a can reflect the most important index of motorcycle maintenance level: Hourly fee, in most motorcycle repair shop unexpectedly are not charged, motorcycle repair shop mainly rely on parts price difference as the main profit, if you encounter a fault, mainly spend time on technical solution, do not need to replace parts, repair technician charges, customers will think that did not change how to charge. This is the tragedy of this industry. In order to survive, many repair shops use shoddy goods and minor diseases to make profits. In this way, a vicious circle is formed, which leads to a strong sense of distrust between repair shops and customers, which is also the reason why many repair shops cannot survive. With little income and a dirty environment, young people would rather choose food delivery or express delivery than motorcycle repair.

Finally, social status; In our country, the skilled craftsmen did not get due respect, sometimes parents educating children are like this: Look, study without hard, in the future you can only learn to repair the motorcycle. Isn't that hard for our maintenance guy to hear? Someone did a survey on unmarried young women. They said that if a maintenance worker earns 15,000 a month and a civil servant earns 5,000 a month, and he is a civil servant who can't get any money, they asked women who they would like to find a husband. The result was that 90% of unmarried women would like to find a civil servant as their husband. When introduced to others, the husband of a civil servant is much more awesome than that of a maintenance man. Who cares about your real income status? Don't talk to me about how to eat by labor. It's all about serving the people. If men are allowed to choose by themselves, they will also choose civil servants.

However, with the change of the development of the society, at present, university students employment in our country is very difficult, and motorcycles have been developed to the era of electric jet, personalization and play products. In this era, there is a lack of certain educational qualifications and superb fault judgment and solution ability of new maintenance workers. Such maintenance workers will not be low. If the maintenance tools and the maintenance environment are improved, many young people may also be able to realize their dream of life in the motorcycle maintenance industry. Things are rare and valuable. Why do they have to take the civil servant exam with thousands of troops and thousands of horses?

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