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LEAD125 recall troubleshooting process
Release date:2023.04.20

Today, the troubleshooting process of Lead125 recall has been completed. According to the requirements of the process, we conducted fault inspection and elimination of a new Lead car.

Firstly, the frame number was checked and printed. All the leads within the range of LWBTDJB00N1000057 -- LWBTDJB0XP1001560 belonged to the recall scope.

Secondly, prepare the corresponding tools. The Lead125CBS linkage brake device is in the front of the vehicle, so we must remove the panel of the vehicle. After disassembling the panel, first check whether there is a gap in the upper and lower direction of the front rocker arm of the front brake cable. If there is no gap, it needs to be adjusted. The purpose of adjustment is to make this gap reach 0.3mm, we use 0.3mm feeler for inspection and adjustment. Adjust the adjusting screw of the front brake cable, and tighten it after adjusting to the specified gap, and mark it with an oil-based marker.

After the adjustment is completed, we pull and rotate the front wheel. The front wheel is much easier than before the adjustment.

After the Lead customer uses it for a period of time, the adjustment process is the same. However, if the customer's front brake pads and brake discs are obviously worn, the dealer will replace them free of charge. All these expenses are borne by Wuyang Honda Company.

According to the statistics released by Wuyang Honda, the Lead fault received a total of 7 cases, and 2 cases resulted in vehicle driving obstruction resulting in vehicle side down and minor injuries. Therefore, through backward inspection of production liability accidents, 11145 Lead vehicles were announced for recall inspection.

Regardless of whether the Lead125 is purchased at a different location or through the second-hand car channel, if it falls within the scope of this recall, it can be recalled to the repair station of the new or five Lead125. The recall will last for a total of one year from April 13, 2023, to April 12, 2024. Of course, try to get to the pit early to check.

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