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Winter motorcycle riding the correct way to keep out the cold
Release date:2023.12.21

   Winter motorcycle travel is particularly cold, but all sentient beings for life and rush, there is no way, can only wear cold products, we found that on the road motorcycle, the most common cold products are riding windshields, and its popularity rate is at least 95%. But I want to advise you today, don't buy that kind of windproof blanket, it just gives you psychological comfort, the harm to the motorcycle owner is far greater than the benefit, the real cold effect is not as good as a pair of cotton gloves.

First, let's introduce the disadvantages of windproof quilt:

1, there are serious security risks;

The windshield is fixed on the handlebars, when the owner is in use, it is equal to two hands are fixed on the handlebars, if there is a rollover, people will reflexively use their hands to support the ground to reduce the impact on the body, but the hand is fixed on the handlebars, so people may fall more miserable, and even more likely to endanger life.

2, also have some damage to the motorcycle;

The windshield will not be done according to each model, but a unified shape, the motorcycle handlebars are wide and narrow, the clutch handle or brake handle is also long and short, the windshield is installed in the process of riding, it is easy to take the clutch handle or brake handle phenomenon, straddling the bike is easy to burn the clutch plate failure, the scooter is easy to brake light long. This leads to the phenomenon of battery loss, which is poor in winter battery activity.

We have seen such a phenomenon, a motorcycle owner said that press the power start button did not respond, may be the battery loss, need to rescue, when we rushed to check, found that the battery is normal, the reason for the failure is that the fixed windproof rope blocked in the middle of the start button, resulting in the start button is not in place, can not contact the start. And straddle motorcycles equipped with windshield-burning clutch vehicles have encountered many.

3, wind and cold effect is not good;

The wind is to be installed on the handlebars, so there is still a hole in the direction of the handlebars, and the motorcycle still has cold wind swirling in during the riding process, and the overall warmth is not as good as a cotton glove.

4, seriously affect the motorcycle beauty and control;

Motorcycle install a stop inside, it will not take long to get dirty, some people regard this as a disposable item, throw it with a winter, and do not want to wash, personal feeling is very bad, but also affect the motorcycle operation.

Therefore, riding a motorcycle to work hard from the human body, rather than from the car, buy a wind is needed 40 or 50 dollars, buy a pair of cotton gloves only 20 or 30 dollars, wear more clothes, riding both safe and cold, than wind is much better.

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