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Winter EFI motorcycle maintenance precautions
Release date:2023.12.21

These two days the weather south of the Yangtze River also cliff slide, the weather becomes cold, naturally will bring some trouble to the motorcycle, now are based on the electric spray motorcycle, then the electric spray motorcycle in winter should pay attention to what?

1. Battery

Whether it is a carburetor car or an electric spray car, the battery activity deteriorates in winter, so on the first day of cooling, the motorcycle repair station received the most calls for door-to-door service, generally the motorcycle can not start. Most EFI motorcycles do not have a starting rod, as long as the battery is insufficient, basically can not start. So maintenance or replacement of the battery is a must do, even if many owners are too cold to ride, the battery also needs to be maintained, otherwise it will not start when it is temporarily to ride.


2, change the winter special oil

Motorcycle winter should use 10W-30 mineral oil or 5W-40 fully synthetic oil to ensure the low temperature fluidity of the oil, which is not easy to hurt the engine, but also make the engine easier to start. Those who usually replace inferior oil, but also do not change the oil of the motorcycle, is the most prone to start difficulties.

3, form a good habit of preheating the vehicle

Electric injection motorcycle in the winter prone to start idle instability, easy to stall phenomenon, there are two possibilities, one is the insufficient pressure of the gasoline pump, resulting in poor atomization of the injector, this situation to switch several times the electric door lock, so that the gasoline pump pressure recovery. Another is that the oxygen sensor on the exhaust pipe temporarily does not reach the normal working temperature, and it will be fine once the car is hot. In fact, only through a winter can really test the quality of a brand of motorcycle, good EFI system in cold weather, basically unaffected by any impact, and almost EFI system, may be a problem!

4. Park indoors

The weather outside in winter is cold, if the motorcycle is parked outdoors, especially the motorcycle that has been soaked in the rain is parked outdoors, it is easy to occur the phenomenon of water and ice in the brake line, which will make the motorcycle directly lose the braking performance. In addition, parking outdoors in winter is also easy to harden the appearance of plastic parts of the motorcycle.

5, change snow tires;

If the winter is forced to make a living, every day to use motorcycles, especially scooters, or check the motorcycle tires, it is best to change into snow tires, if not, it is better to change into semi-hot melt tires, because ordinary tires will harden in winter, and it is easier to slip in snow and ice roads. Relative to the winter crash, money for a pair of tires seems to be more cost-effective!

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