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The 2024 Yamaha NMAX155 is released: a new upgrade and strive to create new glory
Release date:2023.12.21

In 2024, Yamaha once again demonstrated its innovative strength with the launch of a new and upgraded NMAX155 motorcycle. This model has achieved a qualitative leap in performance, technical configuration and appearance design, which will undoubtedly set off a new round of upsurge in the motorcycle market. Below, let's explore this highly anticipated new model in detail.

Engine upgrade: Better performance

The 2024 NMAX155 features an innovative 155cc water-cooled four-valve engine that increases maximum power to 12.9kW and maximum torque to 14.8N·m. This significant boost not only gives the rider more power, but also reduces emissions levels while optimizing fuel efficiency.


Of course, the application of the original VVA variable valve timing system allows the engine to maintain excellent performance at various speeds. The optimization of the exhaust system not only improves the exhaust efficiency, but also significantly reduces the noise and greatly improves the riding experience.

Configuration upgrade: Improve the riding experience

The new NMAX155 is equipped with advanced LED headlights and taillights, which not only improve the lighting effect and recognition, but also add a unique appearance to the vehicle. The addition of full-color TFT LCD dashboard enables riders to easily obtain driving information and improves driving convenience.

The original keyless start system not only improves the convenience of riding, but also enhances the safety of the vehicle. Automatic start-stop system application, save every drop of fuel. In addition, the standard ABS anti-lock braking system provides riders with more reliable braking protection and ensures riding safety.

Appearance upgrade: Dynamic and stylish

The 2024 NMAX155 has a new body line design, showing a more dynamic and stylish appearance, highlighting the fashion forward style. The choice of multiple body colors meets the aesthetic needs of different consumers and provides more personalized choices. At the same time, the optimization of the seat design greatly improves the riding comfort and brings a more pleasant experience for long-distance riding.

To sum up, the comprehensive upgrade of the 2024 Yamaha NMAX155 in terms of performance, configuration and appearance will undoubtedly attract wide attention in the market.

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