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Guess what's the laziest part on a motorcycle?
Release date:2023.12.21

Only do dozens of minutes of work a year, usually lying on the engine to sleep; But without it, no one would buy motorcycles like this. Who is this "lazy" and important guy?

Better not go down yet, just --

That's right, start the motor! If you guessed correctly, please read on

Before we talk about it, let's take a look at how the early internal combustion engine started:

It used to be the same on motorcycles, you couldn't do it without a leg of strength. Early CG125 models were all foot-only:

Later, with the development of science and technology, starting motors replaced manpower to become the protagonist today. Without it, it should be a very embarrassing thing for people who use motorcycles!

Where is this guy "lazy"?

The reason why this is the most "lazy" part on the motorcycle is that although it is a part that must be used every time the vehicle runs, the time used each time is particularly short, only a few seconds.

You see that? This is what the starter motor looks like in action. When the engine starts smoothly, it "consciously" retracts to go back to sleep. Let's figure out that if the vehicle takes three seconds to start each time, and starts five times a day, the total working time of the starting motor is only about 90 minutes a year. When the vehicle starts smoothly, it can go to sleep, you say how lazy it is.

It's lazy, but I can't do without it

Although the starting motor works very short each time, the working intensity is great. The instantaneous output current can even reach 200-300A, what is this concept? The total electricity consumption of our ordinary families is generally 20A, which means that you can start five air conditioners at the same time, and more will trip. And the car starting motor in those few seconds to withstand up to 100 air conditioning at the same time to open the current pressure, the burden of the body is really not light ah!

The reason why such a high current is used is because the starting motor needs to drive the engine crankshaft to do reciprocating motion, so that the engine can start smoothly. In the era of no starting motor, people use their feet to step on the starting rod to start the car takes a few minutes, in the cold winter even takes dozens of minutes, some users complain that the soles are broken, the car did not start! And now, start the motor within a few seconds to start the engine smoothly, this is the progress of technology!

High load and short time, how to better protect the starter?

After reading the above, everyone knows that in fact, it is not that the starting motor is really "lazy", but that it is indeed unable to withstand overload current for a long time. Therefore, we usually need to pay attention to not letting the starting motor "dry burn" as much as possible. Especially for those motorcycles with faulty starting relays, the starting motor is always working, the solution is to first let the engine idle, and then quickly remove the battery fuse, so that the whole car is completely off!

Although the working intensity of the starting motor is extremely great, its life is still guaranteed. In general, a good quality starting motor can complete at least 50,000 starts. In other words, even if it is fired eight times a day, it will only work 30,000 times for the starting motor if it is driven for 10 years. Therefore, the original starting motor of the family car is basically consistent with the normal use cycle of the vehicle. Of course, the starting motor also needs to be maintained, but this must be completed by professionals, the use of a longer time to start the motor, the carbon brush contact surface will produce ablation or friction, can be removed with cleaning agent cleaning.

Sum up

You know this time, the most "lazy" guy on the car, in fact, is the most indispensable part of the car. You don't need to be nice to it, just don't let it push too hard when you light it. Always keep the battery voltage normal, battery for a long time in the state of loss, or do not desperately use the start motor! Especially in winter!

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