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Price also must cover the wallet, 2024 400~500cc new sports car how to choose?
Release date:2023.12.21

Want to start 400~500cc level sports car riders should pay attention to, although the price reduction of various models this year is very strong, may wish to cover the wallet a little more, after all, there are several new models to come next year, today with you to simply pan Pan.

Apulia RS 457

The Italian manufacturer's sports cars on the market have never been short of passion, the GPR150 was once the entry point of choice for many drivers, and the new RS 457 is also a sporty model. For fighting and maneuvering, Apulia is fine.

The RS 457 is equipped with a 457cc twin-cylinder water-cooled engine, and overseas power output is limited to 35kW; In addition, there are rare double wing beam frame and engine as load-bearing structure of this class; Adjustable inverted front fork, adjustable traction control and more. Apulia has few flaws in this configuration.

Apulia recently released the RS457 in India for 410,000 rupees, or about 35,000 RMB. According to local media reports, the price is so competitive because the RS 457 will only be produced in India, and models for other markets will also be shipped from there; Compared with the previous Italian products, the cost of introducing domestic products may be lower.

Kawasaki Ninja 500

This year's Milan Auto show, Kawasaki suddenly brought a new 500 series, Ninja 500 compared with the previous 400 has a lot of changes, the exterior design, the core engine has some changes, but also there are some shortcomings.


First of all, I think the biggest change is the engine, the displacement increased from 399cc to 451cc, the cylinder diameter remained the same 70mm, the stroke increased to 58.6mm; Power was reduced to 33.4 kW(45.4PS), while torque was increased to 42.6N·m. After the increase in travel, the power output is advanced to 9,000rpm and 6,000 RPM, which is not good or bad for the remaining sports car

Another noticeable change to the Ninja 500 is the appearance, which uses a new generation of family-style design language, which has been seen on previous ZX series models, and the Ninja 500's headlights, deflector hood, body side panels, and other parts have been adjusted.

Other optimizations include the instrument and keyless start, but unfortunately the shock absorption and braking parts of the new car have not been upgraded, and the previous upright front fork is still prominent.

Although it is an upgraded model of Ninja 400, but in the case of little change, Ninja 500 does not seem to be too attractive in the domestic market at present, and whether the new model can enter the country depends on the listing price.

Honda CBR500R

The 2024 CBR500R is more athletic, the appearance is closer to the big brother super fire blade, and a similar shadow hidden fixed wind wing is used, which is reported to be able to strengthen the handling of the new car, and the appearance of the optimized CBR500R looks more sports car style.

The Honda CBR500R is less optimized than the Kawasaki, and the engine, shock absorption, braking and other hardware have not changed. Other improvements include new LED dual headlights, 5-inch TFT color meters, HSTC traction control, and more.

The 500 series models of the same platform are at a minimum of about 50,000, and the listing price of the new CBR500R may be the same as before, but as long as you hold your wallet, when a party may be more fragrant ~

Spring Breeze 500SR

Another domestic four-cylinder sports car, it is reported that Chun this four-cylinder 500SR new car will be officially listed next year; The appearance of Spring 500SR is expected to follow the shape design of SR, this family-style appearance is now deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, personality, recognition are good.

The configuration of the new car display is not much to say, the Chun concept model, the camouflage model of this set of mass-produced models can not be said to have nothing to do with, at least not much; However, in the case of such fierce competition from domestic manufacturers, the configuration should not be bad.

The real curiosity is the power output, the listing price of these two parts. With Achun's adjustment of the 450SR, the personal driving experience of this four-cylinder sports car is somewhat expected. As for the listing price, there are direct competitors 36,000 Kaiyue 450RR in front of the spring breeze this 500SR May also be the same price range ~

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