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Elimination of starting fault of electric spray motorcycle in cold weather!
Release date:2023.12.28

For motorcycles, it is also the first time that they have encountered such cold weather this year since the implementation of National Four emissions in 2019. This is really a good test opportunity for the electric spray motorcycle.

In cold weather, the EFI motorcycle is easier to start than the carburetor motorcycle, but for the same EFI motorcycle, in cold weather, the advantages and disadvantages are easy to reflect. Some motorcycles are about the same as usual, and they can be started immediately, while some EFI motorcycles are either difficult to start, or immediately turn off after starting, and the idle speed is unstable.

How to solve these problems? Let me summarize, mainly from the following five aspects:

1, check the battery first, if the battery is difficult to start, you only need to charge it can be solved.

2, replace the spark plug, some motorcycles in the winter riding distance is too short, the engine temperature is not hot, long-term use, spark plug will lead to carbon ignition is not good. This results in a failure to start.


3, check whether the valve leaks, some because the motorcycle added inferior gasoline to the combustion chamber carbon, so that the valve closed loosely to produce leakage, some because the motorcycle owner poor maintenance, long-term do not change the air filter, resulting in carbon, so that the valve closed loosely. This situation can also lead to start-up difficulties, the solution is to clean up carbon deposits, grind the valve or replace the valve.

4. Replace the gasoline pump. Some motorcycles can start a ring, and then immediately off, over and over again four or five times, if you can add the accelerator, run for a period of time, and everything is normal. This is the lack of gasoline pump pressure, this phenomenon in the temperature above 20 degrees, the motorcycle can run normally, when the temperature is below 20 degrees, it appears, the solution is only to replace the gasoline pump, if within the warranty period, you can ask the manufacturer to replace it for free. After all, the price of gasoline pumps is still quite expensive.

5, the sensor failure, the EFI system self-test no fault code, if the temperature is too low, some motorcycle oxygen sensor has not reached the normal working temperature, this as long as the hot car and then go, do not worry. If the cold car is very difficult to start, and the hot car is normal, it may be the temperature sensor fault, the way to check is to unplug the sensor connection, the cold car can start normally and idle, indicating that this is the fault, the solution is only to replace the sensor.

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